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  • Each one is not watching while waiting.
  • I watched them carelessly while waiting for the bear.
  • While waiting I had a look over the city.
  • While waiting for it, Ray confided his trouble to Mona.
  • She did so, and while waiting on them listened to all they said.
  • There she read her book while waiting for dinnertime and her husband.
  • The prophetess kept them company while waiting for the water to boil.
  • We nodded and began to creep nearer the fire while waiting for the signal.
  • No time to be wasted while waiting for teacher's help.
  • I remember once getting a cup of coffee while waiting for a train back to base.
  • They had evidently been mortally wounded, and died while waiting for help.
  • Rickie suggested that, while waiting for the train, they should visit it.
  • Lionel, who had come to a resolution while waiting, roused himself.
  • You drop in next to get some crackers, and you take one while waiting.
  • She would make herself read something while waiting for Stuart.
  • While waiting for the telegram I obtained the confidence of the postmaster.
  • While waiting his return, she wrote a letter to be handed to Jones.
  • While waiting, the General came over to me and began chatting about my work.
  • While waiting for the doctor, Dorothy came and sat by his side.
  • I took my post at this window while waiting for Mrs. Sandford.
  • While waiting to be exchanged he attended a school in Chester, Pennsylvania.

How To Use While Waiting In A Sentence?

  • There will be time enough to trace out the analogy while waiting the summons to breakfast.
  • While waiting for professional employment, he was instinctively drawn into political discussions.
  • It seems to be necessary to hear much nonsense while waiting for the sound that rings true.
  • We used to get warm in winter while waiting for a haircut or the chance to play pool.
  • There will be time enough to trace out the analogy, while waiting the summons to breakfast.
  • What then would the days be, passed in torture and agony while waiting for a filthy death?
  • While waiting for the wind we visited the woods in search of game, but found none.
  • The latex had begun to "sour" before arrival at the factory or while waiting to be treated.
  • While waiting I had an opportunity of surveying the magnificent scene around me.
  • Then, while waiting for vehicles, they managed to get on their broad-brimmed hats and cloaks.
  • Rico was standing in the doorway, observing these facts while waiting for Stineli.
  • While waiting there, the voice of the sentry, singing in a low tone, came to him.
  • And while waiting for the carriage, it so chanced that Nathanael caught what they were saying.
  • She rang for Lewis, and while waiting for him to get around dressed for the street.
  • So, wisely, he kept on building up in a small way, while waiting for bigger things to develop.
  • While waiting for the fish to be caught in a live-box, I visited with the little band.
  • While waiting on the banks, an old friend, long since dead, appeared and assisted him in crossing.
  • I could not see it, for I could not turn round while waiting every instant for orders.
  • I had the bartender order a carriage, and while waiting I tried to cheer up Drislane.
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