Whiled in a sentence

Definition of Whiled

simple past tense and past participle of while

How to use Whiled in a Sentence?

  • Such had been the more innocent if eccentric diversions with which they had whiled away the time.
  • Always deft with his fingers, he whiled away the hours by working at a turning-lathe.
  • It was a little volume of light verse, and it whiled away the time until his hostess reappeared.
  • A great welcome was given them, and four or five days were delightfully whiled away.
  • So they whiled away the time, and at last, promptly on the minute, raced back to Captain Brett.
  • Such was the story of the captain's friend, with which we whiled away the morning.
  • Often the soldier on the great line of communication duty whiled away an hour helping some native with her chores.
  • He also whiled away the weary hours of captivity by painting frescoes on the walls, which are still to be seen.
  • We did not mind staying up, and whiled away the hours in pleasant conversation as we sat as near as we could get to the glowing coal fire.
  • Julian marched by the side of the first mate, and the lesson in French was a long one, and whiled away the hours on the road.
  • Having no desire, after the journey in the carriage, to sit down, I whiled away the time by an inspection of the room.
  • Sometimes while stationed at Montauville, I whiled away the waits between calls to the trenches in playing this instrument.
  • The crash was not due for some time, and Patty, having lately elected astronomy, whiled away the interval by examining the stars.
  • He was an ally of Forster, who had entrusted to his charge a skiff, in which, during the summer months, he often whiled away his time.
  • There is none of that delightful promenading up and down before the prison walls, hours pleasantly whiled away with a friendly visitor from afar over a pint of wine.
  • His relations of their manners, his anecdotes and descriptions of scenery whiled away delicious hours, when we were tired of talking of our own plans of future life.

Short Example Sentence for Whiled

  • The time was whiled away with cards.
  • Thus we whiled away the long hours on the road.
  • And so they whiled away the time until morning chapel.
  • Here we whiled away an hour, and had afternoon tea.
  • With such innocent and harmless pastime we whiled away the afternoon.
  • They whiled away their solitude by gossipy chattings over the wire.
  • Thus were whiled away the long and painful hours before going to the plaza.
  • And thus the time was whiled away, while we still kept flying south.

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