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How To Use Whilst In A Sentence?

  • My cigar went out whilst he was shampooing me, and my whiskers was wet up with the dye.
  • But whilst race works immortally to keep its own, it is resisted by other forces.
  • No merit quite countervails the want of this, whilst this sometimes stands in lieu of all.
  • And yet she shook her head, even whilst her cheek flushed and her eyes sparkled.
  • Since the ship was built, it seems, the master never slept but in his day-clothes whilst on board.
  • The use is chiefly for the face, whilst they stain the other parts of the body with Arnotta.
  • Such and so grew these holy piles, Whilst love and terror laid the tiles.
  • A wealthy uncle who had refused to help him whilst he lived, bequeathed all his money to him when he died.
  • Having a being of its own, the universal is self-particularising, whilst it still remains self-identical.
  • Some of them were whimpering and some were praying fervently, whilst a few were silent, in a sort of dazed bewilderment.
  • The friends of the dying do not fulfil their duty, if they desert the expiring sufferer whilst a spark of life remains.
  • So he picked an apple and threw it so far that whilst the wolf was running to fetch it he had time to jump down and scamper away home.
  • The writer is inclined to put these two statements in the same category, whilst attributing them perhaps to a very different attitude of mind.
  • It isolates the reptile or mollusk it assumes to explain; whilst reptile or mollusk only exists in system, in relation.
  • As this rhyme was repeated, all the harvesters stood round the farmer in a circle, whilst he waved a sheaf in the air.
  • It is fair to add that whilst the following story reveals him as a merry fellow, many of his poems reveal in him a strain of plaintive melancholy.
  • Also he brought an apple and showed her how, by holding it a certain way whilst eating it, she would miss the bad part.
  • And in a moment a little brown mouse was frisking about all over the floor, whilst the Ogre had vanished.
  • Yet with apparent ease he invariably succeeded in warding off his would-be destroyers, whilst one by one he sent them flaming to the earth.
  • He was regarded by the people as a white witch, whilst the witch of Fraddam was a black witch and his antithesis.
  • The second is a new plan for braiding your hair, which came into my head whilst father was reading aloud that speech to us last night.
  • The men stepped forward and waited, each one with his hand in the neighborhood of his belt, whilst the women instinctively fell to the rear.
  • Not that she had thought the story dull, so far as she had heard it, and whilst she was awake; but she had fallen asleep, and so she nodded.
  • We became very intimate with him whilst we were his tenants, and, I believe, cheered the close of his life.
  • But power dwells with cheerfulness; hope puts us in a working mood, whilst despair is no muse, and untunes the active powers.
  • Birmingham sends 190 parcels and takes a like number; whilst Bath sends 160 and takes in return 250 parcels daily.
  • It is only just to add that whilst singing the praises of the Protector, he was in full communication with the spies and agents of Charles.
  • What I am has been secretly conveyed from me to another, whilst I was vainly making up my mind to tell him it.
  • In the lower river lands Egyptian cotton has been the most successful, whilst Upland cotton is more suited to the highlands.
  • The reredos was the work of Belgian artists, and like the screen is composed of oak, whilst the carved figures which adorn it are of lime wood.
  • Another performed the same kindly office for Mr. Bernard, whilst the rest ransacked the house for arms and money.
  • Cornwall was then rude, barbarous and remote, whilst Gascony was softened and humanized with Proven├žal culture and light.
  • I well remember with what desperation I, upon one occasion, clung to this murderous weapon whilst it meditated, so to speak.
  • I happened, when at Nasik, to see the latter whilst he was performing his ablutions in front of the Government building in which he was confined.
  • One of these he taught to dance and tumble on the rope, whilst the other held a candle with one paw for his companion, and with the other played a barrel organ.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Whilst | Whilst Sentence

  • What a hero he is, whilst he feeds on his heroes!
  • Let us rather be insulted, whilst we are insultable.
  • We loitered in the church, outside the choir, whilst service was said.
  • Sir Henry waited a little grimly, whilst his friend enjoyed the joke.
  • Francis Harvey died whilst still practically a young man, 2nd March, 1607.

Definition of Whilst

(Britain, rare or literary in North America) While, at the same time.
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