Whimpering in a sentence

Definition of Whimpering

present participle of whimper | The sound of one who whimpers; a whimper; a feeble complaint.

How to use Whimpering in a Sentence?

  • The second he glimpses the glint of a bayonet he is whimpering and asking for mercy.
  • He was moaning and groaning and whimpering with no least little spark of fight left in him.
  • The whimpering of the young ones ceased as they became absorbed in the adult conversation.
  • I went in between all the maze of wheels and got him out; he was whimpering like a hurt child.
  • A whimpering cry, the spurting of the blood, and the face began to take on the waxen tint.
  • As she knocked at the door of the gray shanty she heard Rosy whimpering softly.
  • In those two minutes Miki had risen out of whimpering puppyhood to new power and understanding.
  • Then we crept down cautiously till we could hear Kahwa whimpering and growling through the walls.
  • I have known the sight of Indian butchery to turn good men into whimpering animals.
  • Inside, the soft, narrow, ribbony voice of a violin came whimpering through the rose-scented air.
  • A moment later, and I fall back on the seat, whimpering and crooning in time to it.
  • The only thing for which he prayed was that none of those whimpering things he had loosed from their cells should cross his path.
  • When the negroes had had enough of it and were whimpering for mercy, she turned her attention to the foreman.
  • Achilles weeps, great Hector hangs his head, And the Black Prince goes whimpering to bed.
  • Ippolita, whimpering in hers, wondered what the buzzing and sliding of shoes in the street below could be about.
  • He had no appetite, for he seemed to hear continually in the noises of the elements the shrill whimpering of a dog.
  • Some of the children must have been in bed, for there were only two in sight, both whimpering and sweaty.
  • Some of them were whimpering and some were praying fervently, whilst a few were silent, in a sort of dazed bewilderment.
  • Into his whine there came a strange note, and then out of his throat there rose a whimpering cry that was like the cry of a child.
  • The man broke from her and struck her brutally back into the tent, where she lay, whimpering and invisible.
  • That lady came forward, whimpering as usual, but with an immeasurably greater cause than she had ever possessed before.
  • We were whimpering and peevish; we were wracked with pain and weary of mind, but that nurse never failed to smile.
  • He could hear the chief and the witch doctor talking high, and in a far corner some hungry child whimpering to sleep.
  • But the seaman suddenly broke away and stumbled off among the gravestones, whimpering foolishly like a dog that cannot fight grief with thought.
  • Hermione sent a last glance around the disordered aula; her mother called to the bevy of pallid, whimpering maids.
  • They found the man Henderson in a whimpering heap at the foot of a tree, about which his arms were still tied.

Short Example Sentence for Whimpering

  • In the whimpering wind.
  • She was whimpering again in her helplessness.
  • But it was no longer with the whimpering fear of the pup.
  • Dummy came to me in the dark, whimpering and pointing.
  • At her feet sat Miss Tabby, whimpering and muttering.
  • Somewhere down the hallway a woman was whimpering rhythmically.
  • I wonder how he looked and how he felt when he read your whimpering appeal.
  • From his mother there but jerked a whimpering sob, which he did not hear.
  • I let him go, and with much whimpering he slunk away in disgust.
  • Vrouw Terblans was whimpering now and had a kerchief to her eyes.
  • To save his life he could not help that choking, whimpering sound.
  • The baby was awake, too, groping for food and whimpering a little.
  • She shrank away from him, shivering, whimpering like a cowed child.
  • Geraldine was whimpering miserably, and little wonder, Rosie felt.

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