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  • She looked rather whimsically round the walls of the room.
  • He paused and smiled whimsically at some memory that amused him.
  • Then he had been able to smile whimsically at those gossipy tales.
  • There he stopped again to wonder whimsically at the ill fate of it all.
  • He smiled whimsically at the contrast between them and their habits of living.
  • He turned suddenly on his elbow and smiled whimsically at the lady.

How To Use Whimsically In A Sentence?

  • The pattern is not whimsically intricate but is shaped by an understanding mind.
  • But though he appeared to take the adventure whimsically his mind was busy with its meaning.
  • He was whimsically resigned to his temperament, but the mischief had not touched his brain.
  • Piegan was already mounted, watching us whimsically from under the dripping brim of his hat.
  • Sir Reginald sat on the edge of the table and whimsically regarded his former subordinates.
  • He lifted his glass and looked whimsically at her through the dancing bubbles of the foaming champagne.
  • He raised his eyebrows whimsically but his detaining grasp of her arm was not nearly so gentle as his voice.
  • What was singular was that very soon she had kissed him thrice, whimsically upon the brow, and he had never kissed her at all.
  • Yet so whimsically wild, like the unconscious rose, modestly shrinking from the recollection of its own grace and sweetness.
  • Her eyes were dark and bright, her babyish lips were full and scarlet, her nose was whimsically uptilted.
  • She thought whimsically that any one who knew her, coming into her house, would realize that some one other than herself had the ordering of it.
  • Penny thought whimsically that it would be interesting to see some of the fat, pampered-looking ones take a tumble on the slippery slopes.
  • And she realized suddenly that he had sensed the effort behind her eager scrutiny, even though his own eyes remained whimsically unreadable.
  • Tarling thought whimsically that this open space exercised the same attraction on him as it did upon Mr. Milburgh.
  • Yet they were all, he whimsically concluded, being squared to Aunt Anne's rigidity of line.
  • Then at last, he spoke, whimsically as far as his mere wording went, but in a voice which Dolph found scarcely recognizable.
  • Even Master Simon had lost his usual vivacity, and had assumed a most whimsically solemn face, which he is apt to do on all occasions of ceremony.
  • Even Master Simon had lost his usual vivacity, and had assumed a most whimsically solemn face, which he is apt to do on all occasions of ceremony.
  • Raven would look at Miss Anne, over the girl's rumpled silk poll, with whimsically imploring eyes.
  • There was something whimsically boyish about Charlie as he leaned over the back of a tall chair and debated secretly whether or not he should confide in me.
  • He paused before a Johnstown Lunch sign, wondering whimsically what Jonas would say if it were reported that the boss had eaten here.
  • Though the main groundwork of his opinions is correct, yet he has a thousand little notions, picked up from old books, which stand out whimsically on the surface of his mind.

Definition of Whimsically

in a whimsical manner
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