Whining In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Whining | Whining Sentence

  • What are you whining about?
  • Harrison was whining again at his ear.
  • It might have been the whining of an animal.
  • That was his dear voice whining at the side gate.
  • Why-ing in a man is as inexcusable as whining in a woman.
  • It gave forth a high whining note.
  • Grandma sat still with the baby whining on her lap.
  • The distant sighing rose to a whining roar.
  • They heard the deflected bullet go whining away.
  • The long whining note came again and much nearer.
  • And with great words shall cuff the whining air.
  • A high whining noise pierced instantly through the plane.
  • But, he heard dogs whining and barking all about him.
  • The dogs are so restless, and are whining beside us.
  • Oh, there was no one there but two or three whining women.
  • Moze, as if ashamed, came whining to us.
  • There was another blow, and then a piteous, whining howl.
  • He was whining now, and he was in terror of Thirkle.
  • The whining snarl of it was a new thing to Miki.
  • And you goe whining up and down for this, Sir?
  • Oh, how I hate this whining and dissembling!
  • Her fitful whining brought Lem from his hiding place.
  • Immediately the men broke down anew and began whining more explanations.
  • And at last they found it, and the whining and buzzing began again.
  • Any view of life that will save a man from whining is worth taking.
  • It was seized with convulsions, and lay whining and howling all day.
  • No one was in sight, and a wolf was whining at the edge of the timber.
  • At the gentle touch the child's loud whining ceased.
  • The dogs rush off, the bull-dog whining and limping in the rear.
  • A whining noise came from overhead, and then a crash like a thunderbolt.

How To Use Whining In A Sentence?

  • For a while there was only the whining of the machines and the crazy doodling of the graph.
  • He heard the bullets and every form of missile from the cannon whining all about them.
  • Now he stood with his paws on the pillow and his face close to hers whining with delight.
  • Was he lying and whining for mercy, being caught with the spoils of his thieving?
  • I could scarcely hear a sound of him, only just a faint whining noise now and then.
  • The whining of the dog attracted his attention, and he let him in before he went to his room.
  • The little noise of the gate whining upon its worn hinges sounded unnaturally loud.
  • I was becoming the kind of man that every one should despise, a whining sentimentalist.
  • His dog was standing over the sprawled body, whining and pawing at it in distracted solicitude.
  • Here he paused, whining and bemoaning his luck, and sat down and bathed his face.

Definition of Whining

present participle of whine | gerund of whine

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