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  • The car whirred on and on.
  • From the rushes startled ducks rose up and whirred away.
  • A bat whirred by: the cat pricked his ears.
  • After a while the dressing-gong whirred its tidings through the corridors.
  • A bell whirred and she came back to the table where we were sitting.
  • Blue grouse whirred from under our horses' feet.
  • Boots he had donned, and spurs that whirred with every lurching step.
  • The thing whirred up into the air, and hung poised on its wings, . . .
  • The snow whirred softly through his thoughts like white, seductive dreams....
  • Rhoda clutched John's arm with a little scream as a bat whirred close by them.

How To Use Whirred In A Sentence?

  • Motors whirred frantically as the pygmies scattered before the charging behemoth.
  • Once when this one alighted on the rim of her nest she whirred herself right down inside.
  • A good many hares and partridges either crossed our path or whirred over our heads.
  • Something puffed loudly in the road, whirred down to a steady growl, and grew fainter and fainter.
  • A large speckled black and white bird whirred out; and Wargrave brought it down.
  • Once or twice an owl whirred suddenly low over their heads; and somewhere far off a loon guffawed insanely.
  • At the first shot he killed three of the birds, and got another as they rose and whirred over the hill top.
  • No one met me or withstood me; only a pigeon perched upon the sill of a sunny window whirred off into the blue.
  • There was a flash above him, something whirred through the twigs above his head, and the horse plunged as he drove his heels in.
  • The hands of the clocks, which marked half-past two, whirred back to two o'clock in a twinkling.
  • But the thing whirred up into the air, and hung poised on its wings a moment, and then settled down again by Tom quite fearless.
  • I used to lie at night staring at the sky and crying with fear, fear of Otto and fear of the snakes that rattled and whirred all night.
  • The ducks whirred up from the pool, the people shrieked, as we scattered perambulators, nursemaids, and children, flying like leaves upon the wind.
  • But suddenly the birds whirred up into the air; and, as the Colonel gave them both barrels, Frank did the same.
  • As Lilac ran along, the bats whirred close past her face, and she saw in the grass by the wayside the steady little light of the glow-worms.
  • The hydroplane wheels whirred and the boat tilted up and climbed to the accompaniment of sighs and roars, as a couple of external tanks were partly blown.
  • When she had flown off, he stretched his wings, whirred them as if for practice, and then moved his bill as if still tasting the dainty he had had for supper.
  • Partridges whirred away from before him, squirrels chattered over his head, but his particular quarry Mr. Rollo could nowhere find.
  • And still the Tune of Time whirred on, as facet after facet of the Infinite wheeled toward creation.
  • An electric bus whirred by on the east side of Broadway, and Smith drew Helen's notice to it.
  • For a moment the big drivers whirred on the snow-greased line, then the wheel-treads bit the metals, and the plates commenced to tremble beneath our feet.
  • There were few people in the mill, only the machine-tenders, walking leisurely up and down beside their machines, which whirred and droned on, regardless of dinnertime.
  • The breeze freshened steadily, until she put her forecastle under and hove her stern out at every plunge, while her propeller shook her in every plate as it whirred in empty air.
  • Yet, as she whirred her machine, she reflected that after all it might be best for Amy in the end that all this folly and concealment should be put a stop to.

Definition of Whirred

simple past tense and past participle of whirr
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