Whistle in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Whistle

1. Soon the whistle was repeated. 🔊

2. Another whistle sounded up the grade. 🔊

3. As she mused, a cheery whistle sounded down the road. 🔊

4. At last the whistle came, the signal agreed upon. 🔊

5. He continued to whistle as he unsaddled Apache. 🔊

6. They were about to go on again when the whistle sounded once more. 🔊

7. But that was not why he began to whistle very softly to himself. 🔊

8. There was a faint whistle repeated with increasing loudness. 🔊

9. In the midst of the lesson there was a low whistle at the side window. 🔊

10. Some bird in the garden outside began to whistle in its sleep. 🔊

11. We have hardly left the trench when bullets begin to whistle round our heads. 🔊

12. The man stared, and suddenly gave a low whistle as he drove off. 🔊

13. The whistle hallooed exultantly at the entrance of the Jimtown yards. 🔊

14. Ben Jolly moved to the window and uttered a sharp whistle of surprise. 🔊

15. A blast of the whistle and No. 56 had resumed its interrupted journey. 🔊

How to use Whistle in Sentences?

1. They had almost completed their task, when a low whistle was heard outside the thicket. 🔊

2. As my head appears above the burn side, the ever-watchful curlews whistle and the plovers scream. 🔊