White In A Sentence

How To Use White In A Sentence?

  • Tall bamboos mirror fluffy foliage and white or golden stems in stream and pool.
  • His thick white hair is shoved back and held together by a large circular comb.
  • Sheet-lightning flickers above the mountain crests, painting everything white for an instant.
  • He was black and white all over: white where he was not black, and black where he was not white.
  • This deputation would first and foremost bring with it a white muslin rag as an emblem of peace.
  • She was dressed in white muslin, and the fantastically small waist was confined with a white band.
  • Moslem girls in yellow veils jostle brown men with white prayer-marks and clanking bangles.
  • The white cap she wore contrasted strangely with that rich hue, like sun-gilt bronze.
  • Every move must be in a forward direction, white going one way, black the other.
  • Here and there a stream, full and strong in this joyous spring-time, flashed white in the dawn.
  • Ida went up the white steps, marking them sadly with her wet feet, and gave a valiant rap.
  • This was owing to the thought of the pink silk, and of the possibility of a surfeit of white muslin.
  • His whole frame was trembling as he stood steadying himself by his horse; his lips were white as death.
  • At precisely a quarter past eleven the door opened wide, and up came a gentleman in a white waistcoat.
  • I can remember those awful thunder-bursts and the white glare of the lightning yet, and the wild lashing of the rain against the window-panes.
  • Patricia demurred, feeling suddenly rather small and insignificant in her girlish white net frock among all the glittering costumes about her.
  • Finally, the dexterous fingers interwove some sprays of ivy with the hair, and added white rosebuds for lack of chrysanthemums.
  • The little old lady lived over the way, through a green gate that shut with a click, and up three white steps.
  • Gedeh, carved in amethyst, leans against a primrose sky, streaked by the puff of white smoke from the crater.
  • In starting play, the three black counters are placed on the black squares, and the three white counters on the gray squares.
  • In the distance diamond-peaked crystal mountains covered with white snow-fields, striped here and there by dark-green lines of pine forest.
  • The red roofs of whitewashed towns, and the tall shafts of white lighthouses emphasise the rich verdure between the silvery azure of sky and water.
  • A rough country road leads from the little white railway station, perched on a desolate plain, to these far-famed temples.
  • From the mist-shrouded valley below emerge four or five villages, with their white houses sending up bluish smoke-wreaths among the green orchards.
  • They more than half-filled the tumbler; and, looking at the sticky, white liquid, she thought with repugnance of drinking so much of it.
  • Every morning her cheeks looked like faded rose-leaves, and her white hair like a snow-wreath in a garden laughing at the last tea-rose.
  • He was dressed in a suit of my clothing, and on his breast lay a great bouquet of flowers, mainly white roses, with a red rose in the centre.
  • There were packets of white loaf sugar fetching exorbitant prices, and thick Chinese candles with bits of stick for wicks.
  • When Santonio entered, there began a buzzing, and various worthies in white kid gloves clustered round the piano.
  • He was a little old man, almost hunchbacked, with small mud-coloured eyes and a fringe of white beard about his sallow, discoloured face.
  • I always kiss the white hairs when I find them, and he says he thinks I shall kiss the colour into them again.
  • The little port, in a nest of verdure, encircles the azure bay, where our steamer, merely a white speck in the distance, lies at anchor.
  • He noticed that she wore a loose white jacket, and once during the reading of the act he was conscious of a beautiful hand hanging over the rail of the chair.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For White | White Sentence

  • Judith was very white and still.
  • It is built of white marble.
  • His face was painfully thin, and as white as death.
  • I was as white as a ghost, and I trembled like a leaf.
  • In the Great White Land.
  • In front of the little white house the hired mourner was sobbing loudly.
  • In front of the fine white marble chimney-piece were Dame Beldi's children.

Definition of White

Bright and colourless; reflecting equal quantities of all frequencies of visible light. | (sometimes capitalized) Of or relating to Caucasians, people of European descent with light-coloured skin. | (chiefly historical) Designated for use by Caucasians.
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