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  • Thou goest with us whithersoever we go.
  • He will follow whithersoever I lead.
  • With this bait, I can send it whithersoever I please.
  • Several have dissipated themselves, whithersoever they could.
  • Just now his busy thoughts were free to wander whithersoever they listed.
  • These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth.
  • My weight, is my love; thereby am I borne, whithersoever I am borne.

How To Use Whithersoever In A Sentence?

  • The first had a carpet on which he could transport himself and others whithersoever he would.
  • Every door was set open as a sign that he might henceforth go whithersoever he would.
  • De Guader knew and valued his fidelity, and took him with him whithersoever he went.
  • Then said Thecla to Paul, If you be pleased with it, I will follow you whithersoever you go.
  • He beheld himself doing his hundred kilometres an hour and trailing clouds of glory whithersoever he went.
  • I have given myself up wholly to the influences of this day, letting them sway me, lead me whithersoever they will.
  • And whithersoever it directed the public attention, some highly respectable private privilege winced and snarled.
  • Maddened with grief, he rushed out of the house, and determined to go whithersoever his eyes might lead him.
  • Even the white bunches of elder flowers seemed to grow alive in the twilight, and to change into faces, looking at her whithersoever she turned.
  • It carries the heat of the tropics to Labrador and the polar circle: and it is the means of transporting itself whithersoever it is wanted.
  • I reject nothing that seems good to thee; lead me whithersoever thou wilt, clothe me in what dress thou wilt.
  • The enthusiastic shouts of the squadrons proved that the host was ready to follow Banfi whithersoever he might choose to lead it.
  • He was the mightiest among the mighty, and was guarded from all danger by the fairy (pairika) Enathaiti, who followed him whithersoever he went.
  • He was hail-fellow-well-met with each and all, for it had come to be a matter of professional necessity with him to attain a fair measure of popularity whithersoever he went.
  • For whithersoever the soul of man turns itself, unless toward Thee, it is riveted upon sorrows, yea though it is riveted on things beautiful.
  • As a man of honor you must keep your oath and redeem your promise to follow me as slave whithersoever I demand and to obey whatever I command.
  • They followed their captain, even as ye, men of Rome, would have followed me whithersoever I might have led you.
  • The sense of power in him was leonine enough to promise the forcing of a way whithersoever the path: yet did that ghost of her figure across the room haunt him with searching eyes.
  • A thousand dark-hulled vessels were moored in the harbor; and a hundred thousand brave men were on board, ready to follow their leaders whithersoever they should order.
  • But now and then there was a small cross scratched impulsively underneath the name, and the letters that bore this token accompanied Merryon through his inferno whithersoever he went.

Definition of Whithersoever

To what place soever; wherever.
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