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  • Flesh whitish or dull yellowish.
  • Agate of whitish color 202-8206a.
  • Closer came that mass of whitish jelly.
  • The flesh is whitish or tinged with yellow.
  • A metal of a whitish gray color.
  • A common, whitish metal.
  • Pallide-flavens: pale or whitish yellow.
  • A paler species, above, than the last, and whitish below.
  • ZINC Zinc is a whitish metal.
  • This species has a yellowish brown crown and whitish underparts.
  • The ninth is made of opaline whitish chalcedony and is from the same place.
  • Sprinkling a whitish powder over them, he burnt them in his furnace.
  • And it is kind of whitish and the trees are next to the blue sky.
  • They have a small tuft of whitish or buffy feathers on the top of the head.
  • The whitish light of the window-panes fell with soft undulations.
  • It is dark above and whitish below, with black under tail coverts.
  • Unmistakable in the whitish mist, darker clouds were rising upward.
  • Round black tail with whitish tips, and some whitish on the wings.
  • His own face showed whitish blue in the flicker of the great arc light.
  • It is yellowish above, whitish below, with an extremely long tail.
  • The eruption continued for three months, discharging whitish brown matter.
  • Make starch for them, with coffee-water, to prevent any whitish appearance.
  • The pupa is dark brown, covered with a whitish or bluish-white bloom.
  • Fibrin is of a whitish color, inodorous, and insoluble in cold water.
  • Glaucus: shining sea-green: whitish blue inclining to gray lavender.
  • The yellow curtains along the windows let a heavy, whitish light enter softly.
  • Steam rose in a whitish mass and blew directly away from Calhoun.
  • Steam rose in a whitish mass and blew directly away from Calhoun.
  • Then I was aware of a whitish powder which showed against the dark wood.

How To Use Whitish In A Sentence?

  • He was very busy digging under a big whitish stone at the other side of the pool.
  • If the gall of the fowl is white or whitish the palay fruitage will be more or less of a failure.
  • The polished ground is red or is varied with stripes or panels of the whitish slip.
  • They are whitish or pinkish, and look not unlike drops of wax or pearl buttons.
  • He was staring at her arm, where two whitish marks on the skin betrayed that bracelets had been.
  • In general goose eggs are whitish in color but may shade to a gray or buff tinge.
  • Pileus moist; at first smooth or sprinkled with superficial whitish fibres of the veil.
  • But nothing came from the great pall of whitish fog, and the silence was chilly and heavy.
  • It is gray, somewhat spotted on the back, and has a whitish collar and a bushy tail.
  • It is dark above, whitish to yellow below, usually with a black line along the side.
  • Thus, if a man entered, the whitish vapour would cling at first about his feet.

Definition of Whitish

Somewhat white, pale or almost white.
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