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  • The engineer was whittling a stick.
  • Tom began whittling a stick picked from the ground.
  • Moreover, all whittling of leisure is a mistake.
  • He hoped to find Abe whittling shavings in the cook-house.
  • Carl questioned, laying down his whittling and facing his mother.
  • But the whittling keeps his hands and eyes busy, and steadies his nerves.
  • We're whittling them down," answered Lanstron.

How To Use Whittling In A Sentence?

  • With a new knife he was whittling a bit of wood into the rude semblance of a boat.
  • I have sat many an afternoon after school whittling the bamboo frame for a modest kite.
  • Many of them sat with their feet on the desk, chewing tobacco, and whittling a stick.
  • Holding the plug he was whittling for his double-runner up to the light, Carl halted.
  • The squatter sat on the floor, whittling a stick; Fledra crouched by the window.
  • The envoy stopped whittling and looked at Jake, giving the slightest possible wink with one eye.
  • The shaggy giant squatted behind the stove beside the pile of shavings he was everlastingly whittling for the cook-fire.
  • In whatever manner he is whittling away his leisure, it is the wrong manner, for the sole reason that it bores him.
  • The man was whittling a stave of birchwood into a rude axe-handle, and asked the question without raising his head.
  • Little boys who have their sugar maples picked out and under guard, being more forehanded about some things than others, are whittling intensely.
  • Jem, indeed, seemed to have forgotten the book altogether, he was so busy whittling away at a piece of wood.
  • As he stood whittling a stick and cheerfully humming a tune of other days, he descried a small, alert figure coming up the road.
  • But, somehow, he was not as prompt as was his wont, and sat evening after evening, whittling at the clipper and smoking thoughtfully.
  • It wears away all love this trenchant art; Whittling with keen-edged wit the hearer's heart.
  • If I set him to whittling a bit of wood or to sawing a board, he was sure soon to apply for a bandage to stop the flow of blood from a wound.
  • He had been whittling a stick and now with a sober look he began throwing the chips into the water as if to indicate the path of the departing island.
  • Bill informed me that he and his two chums used to spend hot summer afternoons in this cool place whittling out various ornaments and making furniture for the cave.
  • There certainly are occasions when such a course is the only honest one, when a man has to make his protest and refuse to connive at any circumlocution or whittling away of principle.
  • The old men of the place sat there in the summer days, whittling and chewing tobacco and living over again the stirring incidents of their picturesque past.
  • Frederick was lying in the grass in his accustomed position, whittling a willow stick, the knotty end of which he was trying to form roughly into the shape of an animal.
  • A little farther along, when the boss was once more whittling at the dictation, Mr. Van Britt strolled in.

Definition of Whittling

present participle of whittle | (usually in the plural) A chip or shaving whittled from some larger substance. | the art of carving shapes out of raw wood using a knife
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