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  • They turned in beside Carlos, who already was sleeping.
  • He spoke with the air of a man who already has the game in the bag.
  • No one can teach this class who already knows all about the subject.
  • She looked at her father, who already had his finger at his lips.
  • You can think if that suited me, who already adored the cassock!

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  • This propaganda left all cold except those who already sympathized with Germany.
  • So Maimonides wrote his Moreh only for those who already were masters of the law.
  • Creusot was then ceded to Messrs. Manby & Wilson, who already had works at Charenton.
  • It is peculiar to the object in this case that it can exist only for one who already believes in it.
  • Full parliamentary suffrage to the 300,000 women who already had municipal suffrage.
  • His entrance was the signal for a demonstration of joy from the guards who already looked on him as their future leader.
  • Write to him frankly, as to one who already is known to your son, and has lived on terms of intimacy with him.
  • The heads of the new regime were aged men who already twenty years ago had cooperated with the Japanese.
  • With a cordial shake-hands, like men who already knew and felt kindly towards each other, they separated for the night.
  • His dark eyes, gaily flashing, drew the doubting toward confidence and strengthened those who already shared a like ideal.
  • Yet was it wise to risk offending this man, a hard business devil, who already thought he was not playing cricket? ...
  • This meant that the 50th Division, who already possessed a battalion of pioneers, had to part with a battalion from each brigade.
  • He was the protector of the pagan religion against Constantine, who already began to declare himself for the Christians.
  • Here he found Sam, who already had a fire going and was plucking the feathers from a big, long-legged bird.
  • They were betrayed by one of their number, and Berkeley, who already seemed to thirst for blood, had the four ringleaders hung.
  • This step created an estrangement between Ryerson and his father, who already had two sons in the Methodist ministry.
  • Henry Farman, who already had made his name famous in motor car racing, was the next to win popular acclaim for exploits in the air.
  • But the earth is no such cripple; why should she who already possesses within herself the things we so painfully pursue, have limbs analogous to ours?
  • Tax the public to give a monopoly windfall to those who already hit the jackpot, because they claim their industry cannot survive without retrospectively changing the terms of its deals?
  • The primates, who already exercised great official authority, instantly appropriated that which had been hitherto exercised by murdered voivodes and beys.
  • When we reached the village of Quihuama, the chief, who already knew I was coming, had hidden the people in the brush.
  • By way of Greg the ball came to Dick, who, already in fleet motion, was none the less ready for the pass.
  • So superior was he generally to his young companions that he was, before twelve years of age, pointed out as one who already gave evidence of his future abilities.
  • Here at Rheims were gathered many famous flying men who already had made their names known throughout Europe and America.
  • So the child went out into the forest, and there she met an old woman, who already knew her distress, and who presented her with a pot which had the following power.
  • Protestants in Europe and here attempt to compel the adoption of their false tenets by those who are neither desirous nor willing to adopt them, and who already profess a true religion.
  • The appeal was spurned; and, in the face of its almost godlike gentleness, they who already gloried in their anticipated saturnalia of blood inhumanly and falsely stigmatized it as a declaration of war.
  • The Riflemen, who already had their bayonets fixed, rushed to meet them, and for a few moments there was a fierce stabbing affray in the blackness of the night.
  • There were also the claims that it permitted "space-shifting" by consumers who already owned the music or "sampling" of music by listeners as they decided whether or not to buy.
  • In reply, it may be said that just because the order is logical, it represents the survey of subject-matter made by one who already understands it, not the path of progress followed by a mind that is learning.
  • The weather is very cold, so the good man carries the foundling home, and his wife, who already has a young child, makes the little stranger as comfortable as possible.
  • Suddenly, overwhelmed, he banged the gate behind him and waddled off to join the captain; who already, with praiseworthy native prudence, had fallen back upon their cab.
  • There were others who wished for Lord Spencer, and even in those early days there were some who already saw the makings of a leader in Mr. Asquith.
  • The physician of whom I now write was one who already dreaded bleeding, thought less of medicines than his fellows, and was, in fact, exceptionally acute.
  • This generous determination, at a moment when my country is really in want of every assistance, cannot be regarded with indifference by my countrymen, who already look upon your lordship as a Messiah.
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