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How To Use Who Called In A Sentence?

  • Now we know who the man was who called at the bank to cash a cheque after hours.
  • She could not endure even the call of ceremony from that man who called himself her husband.
  • There was one who called it a dull watch when he did not see at least one periscope.
  • The man who called himself her husband pretended she was killed in order to save his pride.
  • They were enthusiastic connoisseurs, the admirers who called on him on bull-fight days.
  • A good many of them come from him who called on ye as he and me passed through the lake last fall.
  • For it was doubtful whether the dying girl recognised the lover who called so wildly on her name.
  • They spent the time in reading, sewing and talking to the sympathetic people who called on them.
  • There had been mystery about the man who called himself Strange from the beginning.
  • This vehicle caused considerable merriment amongst the soldiers, who called it a chicken-waggon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Who Called | Who Called Sentence

  • Who called like that?
  • It was my father who called.
  • I know now who called my mother.
  • He was a sceptic who called himself agnostic.
  • Nor would she receive any one who called.
  • Did she tell you to say anything to people who called?
  • Who the man, who, called a brother.
  • Woe to him who called him Polendina!
  • It was he who called me Chirpy.
  • This time it was Davidson who called a halt.
  • It was Sam who called another halt.
  • The man who called himself Blair wasted no words in denial.
  • Who called you by your Christian name some fifty years ago?
  • Who called, or why, I did not question.
  • Man who Called the Buffalo, 132.
  • Insanity began with Antony, who called himself Osiris.
  • The Man who Called the Buffalo.
  • Who called?
  • Who called you?
  • Who called me?
  • The foreigner who called upon her for the plans puzzled him.
  • Who was this horrible woman who called him by the name of his childhood?
  • Was it but to be proof to the men who called him fool that fool he was?
  • They were proud of a despot who called out the praises of the world.
  • It was a frightened young man who called in doctors and specialists.
  • A little arroyo of quaking aspens lay between him and the one who called.
  • He asked me to see anyone who called about it, as he was engaged.
  • Who called you to come hither, running after me as the foals after the mare?
  • You're the gentleman who called me last evening, aren't you?
  • The laugh is now on the saucy girl who called attention to Tekakwitha.
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