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How To Use Who Have In A Sentence?

  • Ha! who have we here?
  • Those who have read it will have seen why.
  • Multitudes who have tried it have failed.
  • Caution is for those who have something to lose.
  • You are not one of those who have to work.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Who Have | Who Have Sentence

  • And who have you there?
  • Who have to mop it up?
  • And it is you who have given all.
  • It is you who have broken with me.
  • Who are those who have been captured?
  • All those who have died before you.
  • For it is they who have done this.
  • There are those who have been waiting for you.
  • Who have you smiled with?
  • Hail to those who have listened to them!
  • Who have you ride with?
  • It is you who have deceived yourself.
  • Those who have gone before.
  • She woundeth those who have her most.
  • All who have honored him.
  • I who have bestowed care.
  • Who have characters to lose.
  • Most of the few who have known it have forgotten it.
  • Those who have most life are most fearless.
  • What shall they do who have children?
  • Where are they who have not been afflicted by disease?
  • I will stand by those who have stood by me.
  • Tell this to those who have returned and who boast.
  • It makes princes of those who have it.
  • Those who have more can do almost anything.
  • Happy the children who have one!
  • But it is not so with those who have the true riches.
  • Who have been elected by minorities?
  • That they should take who have the power.
  • Who have brought in the belief?
  • It is no rabble who have undertaken it.
  • Who have character to lose.
  • Who have always trusted him?
  • Woe to those who have abundance and joy!
  • They will belong to those who have most need of them.
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