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  • Those who love not while they may.
  • Heaven will not take you from those who love you.
  • In the hearts of those who love her.
  • C for the children who love him so well.
  • Humanly he was like us who love him.
  • Think of the many who love thee!
  • Sinners also love those who love them.
  • Those who love mountains will comprehend me.
  • As women wish to be who love their lords.
  • Why should any two people who love each other have secrets?
  • Specially written for people who love the sea!
  • Hear now a tale most sad and pitiful to all who love.
  • Thare are people who love too well to ever be jealous.
  • Who love the green earth and the heavenly air.
  • Who love wine themselves and will free a glass give.
  • Heaven is where those are we love, and those who love us.
  • It has many enemies who love to slay it to devour.
  • And all who love this injured land, are free!
  • I must bring evil on all who love me and try to serve me.
  • They have known shame, who love unloved.
  • Who love too much, hate in the like extreme.
  • If ye love only those who love you, what thanks have ye?
  • Those who love nothing and hate nothing, have no fetters.
  • Who love the God of love.
  • I, who love every thing that the moderns call pleasure.
  • Those who love Justice and respect the laws.
  • What do I care who love none and now have no children?
  • How can I answer, who love her the more only?
  • They who Love the Law.
  • Yes, I, and all who love your fame.
  • But for those who Love, Time is not.
  • May none know pleasure who love Common Sense.
  • Who love Thy Courts, to love Thee best of all.
  • It surely cannot be that all men who love are so entranced.
  • There are vicissitudes which should be faced together by those who love.

How To Use Who Love In A Sentence?

  • A book which should be in the hands of all who love their country.
  • It is so pleasant for people who love each other to be alone!
  • It is not the really strong who love to display their power.
  • It is a journal for those who love the country and life out of doors.
  • I believe there are some women who love the bother of looking after you.
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