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  • I knew that she was a crook who moved in good society.
  • The smiles upon the faces of those who moved stiffened.
  • They spoke in low tones to the doctor, who moved back.
  • They dealt with heroines who moved in the humbler walks of life.
  • Now he came up to the other two, who moved in single file toward him.
  • It was I who moved first and broke the silence of that old house.
  • Who moved Mr. Wales' body?

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  • Fine, who at one time lived in the neighborhood, but who moved west long before the war.
  • It was she who moved first, falling back from him, her mouth dropping open slightly.
  • For ye know who moved the minds of men that they should count Gunga holy among the rivers.
  • Yet there was someone who moved first when they marched from Rameses to Succoth.
  • The General Superintendent was the big boss who moved the trains and moved them well.
  • It was Jasper Kimber who had launched the questions, who moved the motion for adjournment.
  • And it was he who moved, with but a shrug of the shoulders, and gave himself up without another sign.
  • My dear," he said to the woman who moved her mouth as though her voice had been pumped out of her.
  • Three were young women of stately presence, very beautifully dressed, who moved with remarkable grace.
  • He appeared to himself as a man who moved easily in very good society, and knew enough about the true values of life to be himself above it.
  • She was nearest to the major, who moved to her side, and kissed the back of her neck, with kind affection.
  • Hopalong caught sight of an Apache who moved cautiously through a chaparral lying about nine hundred yards away.
  • Fred Ross was plowing on the flat behind his shack when he observed the approach of a tattered old man who moved in trembling haste.
  • At last a constable appeared, who moved the armchairs, arranged the papers on the green table, and then noisily opened the doors.
  • They probably fled along the coastline in their "dug-outs," those who moved south occasionally landing to hunt or to attack their pursuers.
  • I thought I had never seen a handsomer man, or one who moved with a grace and ease which were so perfectly unconscious.
  • Down the river for scores of miles the mist was heavy, and those who moved within it and on the waters of the Nile could not see fifty feet ahead.
  • Bennett, the inscrutable, who performed his wonders in a mystery, impenetrable to common eyes, who moved with his head in the clouds, behold!
  • The dealer, a thick-set, fat-fingered, grave-eyed man who moved like a piece of machinery, glanced up at him and back to his game.
  • A tender, brilliant, saucy, flattering Nancy, who moved us male creatures about as though we were chessmen.
  • Only Bryant, who moved from one group to another, urging, coaxing, commanding, succeeded in compelling them to attend to what they had to do.
  • But while her brothers and sisters, who moved to the cities to win wealth and fame, are not known to the world, she became more famous than a princess.
  • And Jonah, who had an eye for business like a Jew, who moved in an atmosphere of profit and loss, suddenly felt ill at ease.
  • Apart from the group walked a young man of a tall and compact frame, who moved with the firm and steady tread of one accustomed to constant exercise in the open air.
  • She saw me too, and tried to come to me by pushing aside several gentlemen, and smiling at those who moved only half enough, so that they might have the pleasure of rubbing against her.
  • He sat as if uneasily debating the possible drawbacks of so elaborate an escort, but he was really ruminating upon the princess, who moved upon the wilderness with such pomp and circumstance.
  • Apparently she was the daughter of a good French family, and was making a prolonged stay with the Payne-Kennedys, who moved in very good society.
  • Children worked upon the farm as children have done since farming began, and the average farmer who moved to the mill was unable to see the difference between working on the farm and working in the mill.
  • Never before had he seen them; but he had heard of them as fearless hunters and daring fighters, who moved about from place to place in the forest, and levied toll upon the plantations of larger men.
  • The only man who moved her against her will, and sent the blood rushing through her veins like nectar, was this son of the people, this man who hated her class and tried his best to hate her.
  • The younger had left us, but he suddenly returned through another door, leading with him a gentleman clad in some sort of loose dressing-gown who moved slowly towards us.
  • In these qualities the serious poems of the Goliardi, emanating from a class of men who moved behind the scenes and yet were free to speak their thoughts, are unique.
  • Apart, outside the enclosure, a hundred paces off, was a large black bull, muzzled, with an iron ring in its nostrils, and who moved no more than if he had been in bronze.
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