Who Said In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Who Said | Who Said Sentence

  • Jankel who said this.
  • There were some who said the same.
  • Who said it was a crocodile?
  • Thaine did not know who said it.
  • It was a woman who said that of herself.
  • Who said she was a monster?
  • Who said to the contrary?
  • And who said you are to go out?
  • And who said you could do this?
  • Who said anything about charity?
  • Who said thirty dollars?
  • Who said anything else?
  • Who said he was cabin boy?
  • Who said it was anything else?
  • Who said that bullfights had been abandoned?
  • Who said anything about overtime?
  • Who said anything about fish?
  • Who said anything about buying votes?
  • Who said anything about security people?
  • Who said there were steam whalers off the floe?
  • Do you remember it, and who said it?
  • Who said you could walk away?
  • Who said that, fellows?
  • Who said anything about dynamite-anarchy?
  • Who said that, by the way?
  • I met a man the other day who said that he knew you.
  • There were even some who said he lacked brains as well.
  • And besides, who said anything about a heartache?
  • Then came two old men who said they were sacred.
  • Can it be that he who said so, saying so, winked?
  • It was you who said so; so let us sit still.
  • A man was standing on the cliff who said: 16.
  • It was Ossie himself who said this.
  • They lied who said I did.
  • Of course it was Thad himself who said all this.

How To Use Who Said In A Sentence?

  • Who said I had anything to do with it?
  • Who said that Tommy could not love?
  • Who said the Germans had no sense of humour?
  • Then they tried Rogers, who said the same.
  • Who said that I did think ill of the lad?
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