Who Wants In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Who Wants | Who Wants Sentence

  • Who wants some flowers?
  • Who wants to marry her?
  • Then who wants to kill whom?
  • Who wants potatoes after this?
  • Who wants you to be different?
  • Throw it away on some girl who wants it.
  • Who wants to buy any religion?
  • Who wants to keep your book?
  • Who wants to buy any religion?
  • Who wants to marry where there are children?
  • Who wants to loll in an armchair?
  • There is a man opposite who wants me to.
  • Who wants to live fourteen years from now?
  • Who wants to kiss stone people?
  • Who wants to, anyway?
  • Who makes them, who wants them to do it?
  • Who wants eternal sunshine or shadow?
  • He does not necessarily find who wants to find.
  • Who wants to stand second guard?
  • He who wants little always has enough.
  • Besides, who wants you to be learned?
  • Who wants to be a cut above the rest of the world?
  • Who wants a new style of painting or sculpture?
  • Well, who wants a war fortune?
  • Any man who wants work can have it and be taken care of.
  • Will the person who wants this book send his address?
  • And who wants your old strip of sand and cockspurs?
  • He who wants little for himself, is a happy man.
  • No man iz ritch who wants enny more than what he haz got.
  • Swinnerton, who wants to break us like a rotten stick.
  • So I have an enemy who wants my arm broken?
  • I know it must be Braden who wants to buy that.
  • Who wants it?
  • Who wants him?
  • Who wants that?

How To Use Who Wants In A Sentence?

  • Who wants a drink?
  • Who wants bait?
  • Who wants to race?
  • Who wants to know?
  • Who wants water?
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