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  • There were other boys whose names remain with me.
  • Say, whose child have you laid here?
  • How do the Chinese, whose home is in Asia, come to America?
  • He was an old gentleman, one side of whose face was no match for the other.
  • An author whose books have to have freight-trains to carry them, not baskets.
  • I hoped to see, whose whiteness should enhance the lustre of rare black eyes.
  • The old window-curtains, whose harsh green age had not softened, were drawn.
  • Joe stole a sheepish look at Jessie, whose eyes were dancing with amusement.

How To Use Whose In A Sentence?

  • Faded rooms whose mystery had departed, but whose gloom was haunted with tenderest recollections.
  • These would consist of those officers, soldiers, sepoys, and followers whose turn it was to go.
  • I speak of you as men whose turbulence has, time out of mind, been ruinous to Transylvania.
  • My self-appointed host, whose name was Goodell, waved me to a chair, and took one opposite.
  • They go amongst people whose little habits are not the same as those to which they have been accustomed.
  • My lot was to command a squad of veterans whose duties for years had been confined to the supply of the army.
  • Could she but know her lover was in the bark whose white sail now gleamed on the sunny bosom of the sea!
  • No doubt she would meet again the young cavalry officer whose addresses she had received so coldly.
  • Those whose souls are burdened with desire that may not be gratified had better fling the load aside.
  • The other half goes to the brothers and sisters of the husband, whose titles descend to his own brothers and sisters.
  • Before and behind him trotted squadrons of horsemen, whose arms and caparisons gleamed with all the colours of the rainbow.
  • There was no anger in his heart against the man whose deep, laboured breaths he could still hear behind him.
  • The hardship of such a conclusion would be still more apparent in regard to the conduct of a man whose general character is well known to be good.
  • So they brought him his most stately charger, whose restive head two stalwart grooms could only hold with difficulty.
  • She blushed and trembled at seeing me, and tears rushed into her eyes, for she remembered in whose company she had been accustomed to behold me.
  • Indeed, it presupposes the existence of a volition, or act of the will, whose natural consequences it counteracts and overcomes.
  • I reiterated again, and yet again, while my companion, whose laugh had passed into a yawn, was gazing at the smoke.
  • The whole company stared at me with a whimsical muggy look, like men whose senses were a little obfuscated by beer rather than wine.
  • The rearguard is led by a child whose round, cherub face contrasts strangely with his glittering scimitar and his grave, commanding look.
  • It was by his friend the goatherd, whose cloak, falling partly off, discovered a belt stuck full of pistols and stilettos.
  • It was the name of a noted bushranger, whose last crime had been a daring robbery of the chief bank of Adelaide.
  • Julia looked a moment anxiously at this fragile girl, whose tiny head was poised on a long, delicate neck like a fruit on its stem.
  • He was one of those men whose indefiniteness provokes curiosity, and his friends noticed and wondered why it was that he was so frequently the theme of their conversation.
  • Of all these flowers only the trembling mimosa and the pale jasmine harmonized with the lady of the house, whose face contrasted so sadly with the gorgeous abode.
  • There, again, the tiny church of Zajzonfalva, whose pointed, tin-covered roof gleams far and wide in the rays of the sun.
  • Twichell said that the landlady in whose boarding-house we sojourned in that ancient time could doubtless furnish us the date, and we must look her up.
  • Tancredi was too much used to the emotions of the geniuses and near-geniuses, whose temperamental outbreaks she had learned by heart, not to understand what was the matter.
  • I am assured that she actually remained faithful to her vow for several months; but she had to deal with a cruel father whose heart was as hard as the knob of his cane.
  • In order that any act of the will should partake of a moral nature, it must be free from the dominion of causes over which it has no control, or from whose influence it cannot depart.
  • What can be more unquestionable, than that we can be neither to praise nor to blame, neither justly rewardable nor punishable for anything over whose existence we have no power or control?
  • And perhaps next to the mystic attraction of words whose meaning is yet hidden, is to discover traces of a foreign language in some unexpected and unlikely place.

Definition of Whose

(interrogative) Of whom, belonging to whom. | (relative) Of whom, belonging to whom. | (relative) Of which, belonging to which.
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