Why Does In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Why Does | Why Does Sentence

  • Then why does not she do the same?
  • Why does that astonish you?
  • Why does she work so?
  • Why does it remain in the other?
  • Why does he bother her?
  • Why does he name him then?
  • Why does he stay there?
  • And why does it go up and down?
  • Then why does he say it?
  • Why does she not answer him?
  • Why does that frighten you so?
  • Why does he not come here?
  • And why does she not say what she was doing?
  • Why does she not frown?
  • Why does he not come by me?
  • Why does she not come?
  • Why does he not write?
  • But why does that surprise you so?
  • But why does he say that?
  • Why does a man create?
  • Why does she suspect me of artifice?
  • Why does he delay so long?
  • Why does he not burn half?
  • Why does he stop on the road?
  • Why does my sister shun me?
  • Why does that have to come into everything?
  • But why does she have to live so long?
  • Why does it not carry air?
  • Why does the method fail?
  • Why does he not come to our village?
  • But why does it go for drink?
  • Why does this not happen more often?
  • Why does not his solicitor appear?
  • Why does she sob so bitterly?
  • Why does my heart beat so?

How To Use Why Does In A Sentence?

  • Why does he linger behind you?
  • Why does no one try?
  • But why does she wear red?
  • Why does he make me so unhappy?
  • Why does he pay his own costs?
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