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Definition of Why

(Britain, dialectal) A young heifer. | For what cause, reason, or purpose (interrogative adverb). | For which cause, reason, or purpose (relative adverb).

How To Use Why In A Sentence?

  • And why may not this ultimately be the case also in relation to the moral universe?
  • In other words, if he really and sincerely seeks the salvation of all, why are not all saved?
  • He prefers it for that reason, and why should we not respond, amen! to his preference?
  • He declares (and why should we doubt his good faith?) that he is now certain of success.
  • When it is asked, why God permitted evil if he had both the power and the will to prevent it?
  • Kemeny has lost the affection of the greater part of the country; why I need not now tell you.
  • For it may still be asked, why God uses means to save those who he foresees will be lost?
  • I often tried,' he said, suddenly, 'to divine the reason why he changed his will.
  • He did not buy any though, and I wondered why he did not, he looked so easy, so at home there.
  • If God, he asks, is perfect, why did he not render virtue possible, and vice impossible?
  • And then, in pathetic phrases, Hubert tried to explain why he could never love Emily.
  • Why should we fear that there may be too much sin in the world, or why should we blame other men for their crimes and offences?
  • The reason why theologians have concluded that God designs the salvation of only a part of mankind.
  • If he does not interfere with that freedom, why may he not produce holiness in other cases also, without any such interference?
  • Go back then to thine own land, and come not hither again to wonder why a town which is burnt down one year is not built up again the next.
  • Now, when it is affirmed that the innocent may suffer for wise and good purposes, why is all this candour and modesty forgotten?
  • And you think also that there's no reason why I should be miserable; but there is.
  • The only real question is, why he created such beings as men at all; and not why he created them, and then permitted them to sin.
  • He might just as well have demanded, why he did not create matter without dimensions, and circles without the properties of a circle.
  • The Tibetan of course knew that this would happen, and this was why he sent his old woman to guard his property.
  • The author, indeed, endeavours to explain why it is, that the scheme of necessity seems to be inconsistent with the nature of true virtue.
  • This truth has shown us why a Being of infinite purity does not cause virtue to prevail everywhere, and at all times.
  • But Julia bore patiently with her and did not leave her until Hubert sent to know why his dinner was delayed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Why | Why Sentence

  • But why was it sinful?
  • But why should we have grieved?
  • But why do you say such things?
  • But why do you always take her part against me?
  • But why is this proposition brought forward?
  • Patricia explained why the directress had not been told.
  • I mean, why only for a little while?
  • Then why should I remain?
  • I says to myself, Why not go in for lovely woman?
  • Hence, we no longer ask why God permits sin.
  • That is why he wants to press on the assault, I suppose?
  • Apafi did not see why he too should not smile when the others laughed.
  • But if such a thing were possible, why should he not work such a miracle?
  • And if so, why permit sin in order to the good of the creation?
  • He carried me in his arms, and made me tell him why I cried.
  • That was why Mr. Burnett asked me to come and live at Ashwood.
  • Land knows why we're all so afraid to show our joyful side to the world.
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