Width In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Width | Width Sentence

  • Find the width of the frame.
  • And now as to the width of these skirts.
  • It varies in width and horrors.
  • She sprang the width of the seat from him.
  • Which vary the width of the glottis?
  • Twice the width of the rubber on my boots.
  • Cut bread into strips the width of a finger.
  • In places the width was not more than thirty feet.
  • Remember that its size fixes the width of the border.
  • His variety and the width of his range are astonishing.
  • It missed that head by the width of a hair.
  • The width at the end should be 54 inches.
  • Its width is usually about three inches.
  • Four good feet of width are as safe as forty.
  • The width of the beam represents seventeen feet.
  • The relative width and length of the capitulum varies.
  • In width the tails of comets were in some cases enormous.
  • The width of both choir and transepts is about 23 feet.
  • Had they not toiled across half the width of a continent?
  • Its width would be from 600 to 800 miles.
  • The average width of the surface is about fourteen feet.
  • The width of the river varies according to the locality.
  • The average width of the river is about one hundred feet.
  • The great river was only the width of a narrow street away.
  • The width was scarcely greater, but the depth!
  • A hundred feet in width a breach gaped in the battlements.
  • The largest is 7 inches in width by 7 in height.
  • The width of the cave varies from 19 to 32 feet.
  • The filled-in slip accounts for the width of the street.
  • Not width but intensity is the true aim of modern art.
  • Allocate 4 feet of width to a single row of carrot seed.
  • Her length was 150 feet and her width amidships 50 feet.
  • At 20 feet from the mouth the width contracts to 20 feet.
  • Institia: stria or furrows of equal width throughout.
  • The inclosed space was 4 feet in width by 5 in length.

How To Use Width In A Sentence?

  • Its length is five miles, its width about one mile.
  • The depth is about 1 inch; the width 5 inches.
  • Its width at the top varies from 4 1/2 to 12 miles.
  • Height, 5 inches; width 5 inches.
  • Length 28 inches, width 13-1/2 inches.

Definition of Width

The state of being wide. | The measurement of the extent of something from side to side. | A piece of material measured along its smaller dimension, especially fabric.
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