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  • I have wielded the sword for the new faith.
  • Spare the tool and save your wrath for him who wielded it.
  • Some one had wielded an industrious pencil on the page.
  • He wielded a pen as sharp as his sharp sword.
  • He wielded the stick high over his head as he sprang to his feet.
  • The bow-paddle was wielded by a stout boy with fair curly hair.
  • Whatever real influence his name had in the government was wielded by Justina.
  • Scotty held the cat firmly on a chair while Rick wielded the saw.

How To Use Wielded In A Sentence?

  • What magic oar was that the guide wielded that it could transport me to such a realm!
  • A hundred years ago our affairs for good or evil were wielded triumphantly by rhetoricians.
  • He now wielded power as well as influence, and became the most marked man of the city.
  • Supplied with one thousand right arms, he wielded all sorts of the most deadly weapons.
  • Beth laughed merrily, and the boy smiled as he wielded his brush with delicate strokes.
  • Jimmy wielded a master pen in flourish and shading, upon which he put a price accordingly.
  • On his torn back a long black snake whip came down, wielded with merciless force.
  • On the third morning after, Caradoc wielded his brush listlessly and looked sick.
  • The baroness looked grave, for she well knew what a power Nino wielded with his music.
  • Disqualified for sitting in the Assembly, he wielded greater power than ever in the Club.
  • Yes, he contemplated defying the terrible power which Von Berger wielded so ruthlessly.
  • Better than spells are the axe and the arrow, When wielded or flung by the hand of MacCaura!
  • His words have always been those of a sane moderation and the influence that he has wielded has been that of truth.
  • Meanwhile the band began to play and the bass-drummer wielded his huge drumstick with all his might.
  • We have had statesmen who wielded all the power that one man ever can wield in this country who had no sort of eloquence.
  • Grasping the sceptre of ill-gotten authority with great boldness, they have wielded it with a corresponding energy.
  • Zeal has often taken persecution for her ally, and wielded among men the weapons of earthly warfare.
  • Indeed, more than one man who listened to him with a stolid face had worn the mask and wielded the whip and torch himself.
  • The three watchers could now see that it was being softly driven by a paddler who sat in the stern, and wielded a single blade.
  • When a supply is needed a bundle is laid on a piece of hide and is beaten with a wooden pestle, wielded by a woman or a slave.
  • Velmot sat down beside his victim, wielded the boat-hook and pushed the boat between the two stakes projecting above the water.
  • None of the chums had forgotten the fierce appearance of the grizzly that had fallen before the rifle which Jerry wielded so cleverly.
  • No other American has ever bulked so large in the affairs of civilization or wielded so commanding an influence in shaping their ends.
  • Surely if he wielded those weapons to the best advantage, if he strained generosity to the uttermost, the citadel of her heart must yield at last!
  • For years he had wielded the brush every day, but on this day he somehow could not paint; he could not find the right harmony.
  • He wielded a natural kingship, and, the more battered and gnarled became his physical presence, the more remarkable was his moral ascendency.
  • It is used in a flat sweeping movement, which, when wielded by an expert, severs a limb or a head at one blow.
  • Over his people, Lopez wielded a marvelous power, compounded of persuasive eloquence and brute force.
  • I could distinctly hear the impact of the pickaxe wielded by the Bosche upon the clay and chalk, and the falling of the debris.
  • There was an extra paddle, which Arthur wielded after a fashion, and it did not take long to come within sight of the narrows.
  • Among the large number of women who wielded influence in the nineteenth century, either through their salons or through their works, Mme.
  • Compared with these even, the English queen appears immeasurably superior; they may have wielded more power, but their moral influence was less.

Definition of Wielded

simple past tense and past participle of wield
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