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How To Use Wielding In A Sentence?

  • Now and then they fought a kind of double combat, wielding a sword in either hand.
  • He was an editor, critic, and poet, wielding a most witty but bitterly sarcastic pen.
  • The Russian workers have shown that they are capable of wielding the "instrument of war" as well.
  • Rush howling, their red hatchets wielding high, And shouting to their barbarous gods!
  • Peasant-like in his petty economies, he was shrewder at a bargain than in wielding his imperial sceptre.
  • The employees watched in astonishment as agents wielding crowbars and screwdrivers emerged with captive machines.
  • We claim no higher appreciation for muscular effort exerted in swinging the flail than for that applied to the wielding of the hammer.
  • We need look no farther than our own country to find men and women wielding the pen practically and powerfully for the right.
  • A girl in a white gown appeared in the garden immediately below him, singing softly to herself and wielding a watering can.
  • The strokes grew louder and louder as we advanced; there was evidently a vigorous arm wielding the axe.
  • He clambered into the upper berth and watched her for some time as her bared arm rose and fell, wielding the brush.
  • He must stand behind her at dinner, wielding a fly-brush of peacock's feathers.
  • Others were wielding the weapons they had forged, but of what had happened afterwards Godfrey was ignorant.
  • It was hard to believe such a birdlike claw capable of delivering a stunning blow, or forcibly wielding the deadly knife.
  • Here leading his horse with one hand and wielding his little axe with the other Copple started down.
  • Aboriginal architecture in some parts of America had reached a development capable of wielding a strong influence.
  • Many of the outside public still picture the editor as wielding his pen valiantly, and stabbing enemies or heartening friends with his own hands.
  • At first, it was the only weapon invariably at hand: it was enormously large, and two hands were necessary in wielding it.
  • Then more movement was heard, and the door was suddenly opened, and the landlord rushed out upon us, wielding a broom.
  • A waggon drawn by two white oxen has just entered its channel, guided by a contadino with goat-skin leggings, wielding a long goad.
  • Miss Hoag retired then back to her chair, readjusting the photographs to their table display, wielding her fan largely.
  • And it is undeniable that they contribute more to the resources of the commonwealth by wielding a trowel or a broom than by messing about with brushes and paint.
  • Princess Polly had taken off her large hat, and wielding it as a fan, blew the bright curls back from her pink cheeks.
  • Raised to a position of independence and power by the Industrial Revolution, labor is wielding an effective influence.
  • The post carriers, accompanied by a single attendant, both heavily armed, and wielding a fierce whip of hide, carry the mail in saddle bags.
  • Presently, however, the boy who was wielding the stern paddle turned and looked back, and they could see plainly that it was Harvey.
  • It was characteristic of the man that it made no difference to him that the power he was wielding was a borrowed power whose owner would have been the last man to have done what he was about to do with it.
  • Macklin, forgetting that he himself was wielding a cane and not a sword, parried Hallam's first thrust and lunged for the doctor's face.
  • And Eugene, wielding a high hand with himself, had, once for all, stilled his finer sense of fitness in his right to know these things.
  • In the blistering rays of the suns, As the wild savage wielding his bolo, Fell beneath the onslaught of our guns.
  • So well did he manage its affairs that it soon became the leading banking institution in the country, wielding an immense power in the financial world.
  • He was Himself a poor working man toiling for twenty years, wielding heavy, clumsy tools as he shaped rude ploughs in a village of poor fame.
  • He sat for a few moments with his chin in the palm of his hand, and then slowly took up again the things of this life, wielding them heartily enough.
  • His years of experience in a country store were then of little avail to the young whipmaster who was less expert in wielding a long lash than in measuring calico for maidens.
  • The people, through their chosen representatives, wielding the whole power of the national organization, could not be expected to tyrannize over themselves.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wielding | Wielding Sentence

  • It was she who was wielding the knife now.
  • Someone is wielding your thunder hammer all unskilfully.
  • Nor is there anybody that may be equal unto me in wielding the mace.
  • There is none equal unto Arjuna in wielding the bow in battle.
  • Like our Roosevelt, he has a "perfectly corking time" wielding the scepter.

Definition of Wielding

present participle of wield
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