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  • A dark wig was on my head.
  • The Liberator pushed back his wig and scratched his head.
  • Rogers snatched off his wig and held it out with a gesture of indignation.
  • This worthy wore a flowing wig and a shirt bedecked with frills.
  • The innkeeper, with his wig awry, was pinching out his tomatoes.
  • His wife came behind him, slapped his wig on to his head, and retreated.
  • Mr. Fishwick cried, thrusting back his wig and rubbing his head in perplexity.
  • Frosch's wig was curled like a sheepskin, while Horch's hair was flat.
  • Strange what a difference a red wig makes in one's appearance.
  • A judge's wig is a Delphic mystery, whether brains be in it or not.

How To Use Wig In A Sentence?

  • His head was cropped and bristly, like as if he had a wig made of hair-brushes.
  • You can dye your hair or you can wear a wig or you can paint your face; but a squint is a squint.
  • Bleak poured himself a glass, and watched his host carefully resume the hoary wig and whiskers.
  • The hands were scarcely finished when Geppetto felt his wig snatched from his head.
  • Do you mean to say your Uncle attends music-halls disguised in a wig and moustache?
  • They keep their old customs, costumes, and pomps, their wig and mace, sceptre and crown.
  • As I did so his wig fell off and with it his beard, and I staggered backward in amazement.
  • Mrs. Berners, too, should cut her hair short, and wear a red wig and a plain dress.
  • Like Burleigh's nod, Handel's wig seemed to have been a sure guide to his temper.
  • He wears a long wig with curls falling over his shoulders and has no beard; this was the fashion after 1660.
  • He carries haughtily the long wig of antiquated stupidity, and does not see the shallowness of the swamp in which he wallows.
  • Slowly they approached the altar, where an old man in black vestments and a heavy white wig was awaiting them.
  • I immediately threw over my dress that of the friar, and exchanging the wig for the tonsure, stood by him.
  • Her rose-bedecked cap was taken off, and then her powdered wig was removed from off her white and closely cut hair.
  • The man had placed his wig on a pea-stick, and his bald pate glowed in the sunlight like a pink turnip.
  • The Executive shook its wig and declared that to stop so awful a scandal any means were permissible.
  • One wig he lost by a mysterious accident while attending a patient who was lying ill of a fever, of which the crisis seemed at hand.
  • Let us turn from the doctor and the wig to the book; let us see what he did when he singed his head and burnt his face.
  • The two old men having each recovered his own wig shook hands, and swore that they would remain friends to the end of their lives.
  • In a few days it was ready, and being very well made, no difference could be perceived between the wig and my own hair, which was then removed.
  • Donning wig and cap, she handed Mabel the discarded dress to put into the satchel brought for that purpose.
  • He never disfigured himself by the full-bottomed wig of the period, but always wore his own brown hair, combed back from his forehead.
  • When things went well, it had a certain complacent vibration; but when he was out of humour, the wig indicated the fact in a very positive way.
  • The Ramillies wig had a long plaited tail, with a big bow at the top of the braid and a small one at the bottom.
  • Lyon cut close his auburn hair, shaved off his moustache, and donned a gray wig and a gray beard, without the slightest remorse.
  • So long as Stefan doesn't wear a wig or speak Yiddish, what does the aunt matter!
  • You're about the same size and build, and I'll get you a blond wig for close-ups, like that saddling scene.
  • The facts are these: that Samson used to wear A wig with ringlets, 'cause his head was bare.
  • His whiskers made him appear a little like Matthew Arnold in a wig and scarlet, save that he did not look as if he were sitting above the battle.
  • He was a tall, bony old fellow, with a dry wig that seemed made of cow's tail, and a face as tough as though it had been made of bull's hide.

Definition of Wig

To put on a wig; to provide with a wig (especially of an actor etc.). | (colloquial) To upbraid, reprimand. | (colloquial, slang) To become extremely emotional or excitable; to lose control of one's emotions.
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