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  • Steve looked at him with an even wilder frown.
  • Another wilder call was sounding in his ears.
  • A wilder tempest of doubt raged in her own aching heart.
  • The farther we went up the brook, the wilder it grew.
  • Weiter wollen wir in wilder Erbitterung nicht zurueckgehen.
  • Missionaren bekehrter Wilder an Gott.
  • Ilses wilder Trotz stand in lichterlohen Flammen.
  • It may have been that in his time he had heard even wilder requests than hers.
  • The woodman was naturally a rougher and even wilder figure than the gardener.
  • This is sometimes startling in the wilder effects, but it is always agreeable.
  • A wilder cry, half drowned by savage curses and the sound of blows.
  • Their rapid feet the fugitive pursue; They only pause to start a wilder fear.
  • Nw wilder selva sekening wertha, and mith el sin her thju Gonga vpfara.
  • And eagerness, as always in the "Hills," brought wilder counsel in its wake.
  • Wer auf der Pudel alle neun scheibt, wird ein wilder Millioneur.
  • Erst die Fluechtenden, Fussvolk und Reiterei durcheinander in wilder Panik.

How To Use Wilder In A Sentence?

  • There are more romantic and wilder places than this in the world, but none more beautiful.
  • We wondered what still wilder regions we were now approaching as we still climbed higher.
  • In one lane was a throng of natives, wilder in their demonstrations of joy than all the others.
  • Wild, oh wilder than winter blasts my wet skies shriek when the winds are freed.
  • Her spirits grew wilder than ever, lest any one should guess she was so very, very miserable.
  • But the fact is that I have an even bolder and wilder belief than either of these.
  • The Americans carry to an even wilder extreme this darkness by excess of light.
  • A slip, a wilder clutch at his frail support, might in an instant precipitate the calamity.
  • As we rise, we break into a wilder country, forested with oak, where oxen and goats are browsing.
  • And the hundred began an Afridi sword dance, than which there is nothing wilder in all the world.
  • The idea of making Mr. Pook any wilder than he appeared to be at present horrified him.
  • Ganz oben zogen Schwaerme wilder Gaense in mystischer Keilreihe mit schrillem fernen Kreischen.
  • Again he threatened to demolish the wooden barrier with his horns, and there was a wilder scramble than before.
  • A wilder unrest and vexation at his position returned upon his heart because of the lightening that had come with the impulse of love.
  • It would not have been for money or any mean thing, but for something a little wilder and worthier of a man of genius.
  • There is nothing so terrible to the savage as the idea of imprisonment; the wilder the bird the harder he will feel the cage.
  • Here the words were interrupted by a wilder and louder burst of music, and when it ceased other guests and women joined in the talk.
  • Long before, too, history had been made in this mountain passage whose walls had rung with wilder sounds than the screaming of our siren.
  • Though familiar all my life with the outskirts of this region, I have only twice dipped into its wilder portions.
  • But he gave no sign of having heard her, but lay there motionless, and the wind wailed past them and the sea grew wilder and louder.
  • Where are there nobler forests, older fir and beech trees, more lovely smiling valleys, wilder rocks?
  • There were greater plains and forests and rivers, wilder and higher mountain ranges than in the rest of Greece.
  • As the dance proceeded, the sound of the castanets grew wilder and wilder, and the high heels beat double raps on the floor.
  • For the bloodthirsty Turks and the even more cruel and wilder Kurds of the mountains were marching on the land.

Definition of Wilder

comparative form of wild: more wild | To bewilder, perplex
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