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  • The very skirts of this wilderness are uninhabited.
  • One man wanders away into the wilderness in pursuit of it.
  • He makes a wilderness of beauty and calls it progress.
  • It came fresh from the wilderness of ocean. . . .
  • Southwards, the wilderness is bounded by the river Drave.
  • To the wilderness with rapid and menacing step comes full winter.
  • The window looked out upon a wilderness of chimneys and grimy tenement houses.
  • A tale of the African wilderness which appeals to all readers of fiction.
  • The man in the wilderness asked me, How many strawberries grew in the sea?

How To Use Wilderness In A Sentence?

  • These few sheep in the wilderness need a little shepherding when they get sick.
  • After the darkness gathered, the wolves made the wilderness vocal with their howling.
  • It was miles in extent, and was a tangled wilderness of narrow and lofty clefts and passages.
  • Our first dinner in the wilderness was a pleasant one, albeit the cookery was somewhat primitive.
  • How did the Baron de Zimmer happen to be in that lonely wilderness at such a time?
  • No longer was it regarded as a vast wilderness somewhere north of the Erie Canal.
  • Where in the wilderness each footstep falters, I shall be satisfied; but, oh, not here.
  • The sudden leap from home into the wilderness of waves does not give me any sensation of melancholy.
  • Rather than inflict such torture upon her he would flee to the depths of the wilderness and hide until she was married.
  • In the dawn the wide level spaces of the wilderness resembled the pastures that had surrounded their hut.
  • I was over a portion of that wilderness last summer, and found plenty of trout and abundance of deer.
  • The afternoon was well advanced when the feast was concluded, for appetites in the wilderness are not easily or soon satisfied.
  • Cotton, with all its kindliness, reverses the celestial process which makes the wilderness blossom as the rose.
  • Travellers, after so long a journey through a wilderness where there is not much to be found, must need refreshment.
  • Even in his age and time, there was still a wilderness to conquer and the terrors of the old frontier to stir the blood.
  • Out of the mire of this wilderness a golden flower shall rear its head, and grow in beauty day by day.
  • They longed for the approaching night to close around them in order that they might bury the dead, and flee to the wilderness for safety.
  • He moved into the Wilderness and fought a two-days' battle of the greatest severity.
  • Strangely comforted and strengthened by this thought, Rhoda started on through the familiar wilderness of the desert.
  • Already a wintry wilderness of garden without, upon which snow and sleet are pitilessly beating, is barely discernible.
  • From its having two sections and a partition, I was reminded of the tabernacle of the wilderness journey.
  • Our sea-biscuit was getting low, and our egress from the wilderness was therefore becoming, in some sort, a necessity.
  • He was a great observer of character, and could give the natural history of every odd animal that presented itself in this great wilderness of men.
  • A hunter of the western wilderness is not easily overcome, neither is he long of reviving, as a rule, if not killed outright.
  • The worship of the wilderness and of the early period of Israel in Canaan was of a very different nature.
  • But the finding of one piece of native pottery in an Australian burial-mound would prove more than a wilderness of irregular verbs.
  • Inside cabinets and broad tables bore a wilderness of strange artifacts, many still crusted with red Martian sand.
  • Imagine a howling wilderness of rock and scrub, stretching away to where, on the far horizon, some low hills cut the brazen sky-line.
  • We change the scene now to the margin of a small lake embosomed like a gem in the great wilderness of the Far North.
  • Faith wondered what business it was that took Mr. Eldridge through the Wilderness and up and down the lakes.
  • The wood suddenly broke off as it had begun, and, emerging from the cool shade, I found myself in a complete wilderness of rock.

Definition of Wilderness

(countable, uncountable) An unsettled and uncultivated tract of land left in its natural state; a barren land; a wild or waste. | (countable, uncountable) A place that is uncared for, and therefore devoted to disorder or wildness. | (uncountable) Wild or unrefined state; wildness.
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