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How To Use Wilhelmina In A Sentence?

  • Poor Wilhelmina had cast in her lot with her lover for good or for evil, and fled with him.
  • He was very rich, too, and Wilhelmina declared that half the girls were after him.
  • Little Wilhelmina insisted on going with him, and as she handled a steering-oar well he took her along.
  • Like not a few of her countrywomen, the Princess Wilhelmina had a strong predilection for Parisian fashions.
  • It took much entreaty on the part of Andrew and much weeping and kissing on the part of Wilhelmina to move the heart of the terrified Gottlieb.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wilhelmina | Wilhelmina Sentence

  • Koningin Wilhelmina zien!
  • And Wilhelmina knelt instinctively by the side of her brother.
  • Of course, Wilhelmina Mercer was the first to set her tongue going.
  • Koningin Wilhelmina zal je nu natuurlijk nooit vergeten, Roodkapje.
  • And it did not make him feel better to have Wilhelmina whisper, "Oh!
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Wilhelmina in a sentence

Wilhelmina sentence

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