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  • Master Willie inquired.
  • Stover and Willie nodded.
  • Our Willie approved too.
  • You watch Willie compose.
  • Intently Willie strained forward.
  • Then Willie broke the silence.
  • I hope Willie will last it out.
  • But Willie did not meet his look.
  • Whan Willie on the grund lay slane.
  • Roy and Willie hustled down to the pine grove.
  • Suddenly Willie jumped to his feet with a cry.
  • But Willie had little time for revery.
  • I am glad Willie has the opportunity to go.
  • In another instant Willie was on his feet.
  • How she had noticed that little Willie failed.
  • Would Willie never get the forester?
  • Almost instantly Willie replied to the signal.
  • But Willie paid no attention to the comment.
  • In vain Willie looked at the sign-posts.
  • And Willie went home with a bounding heart.
  • Willie boy, Willie boy.
  • What it was, Willie could not even guess.
  • Sympathy was with Willie Dennis.
  • They separated, Willie keeping near his father.
  • Hardly had he finished, when Willie gave a loud cry.
  • To you and Willie Chalmers.
  • It was Willie Beresford!
  • Imagine how Willie and Wallie felt!
  • Wee Willie Winkie did not stop.
  • At dear brother Willie and Annie.
  • And Willie hame to Logan braes!
  • Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town.
  • Suddenly Willie Dart was galvanized into excited action.
  • They had reached the home of wee Willie Brown.
  • How Willie and Maude longed to taste a morange!

How To Use Willie In A Sentence?

  • When Willie had told him, Roy groaned.
  • But Willie Grimes was bound to win or sink this time.
  • A hundred yards from the house they came upon Willie Dart.
  • And it was Willie that George came to see, they thought.
  • Could it have been of May and Willie Calderwood?

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