Willing in a sentence

Definition of Willing

Ready to do something that is not (can't be expected as) a matter of course. | present participle of will | (rare or obsolete) The execution of a will.

How to use Willing in a Sentence?

  • They were willing to acquit Mr. Keith of blame, they said, and to show their confidence in him.
  • While St Leger journeyed to the north, Brant had called together a band of his willing followers.
  • He did not apply for the commission of a brigadier-general; but was willing to serve in any capacity where he might be needed.
  • She was willing to do anything, but there was nothing she could do well, and most things she could not do at all.
  • He alone was responsible for the debt; he had given abundant security, and was willing to pay handsomely for further forbearance.
  • And she was willing with a servility that would have offended my American notions had it been a shade less useful.
  • I perceived by the tense and expectant faces of the people that Simmons was behind me willing me with all his might.
  • She was devoted to the service of the King, in whom she had never been able or willing to see wrong.
  • Whilst many a man is willing to recognize "property" in hares and pheasants, there are few who will do so with regard to salmon and trout.
  • Perhaps it is intended to make a collection, in which case I am willing to put my hand in my pocket.
  • So he was willing to "break even," and he walked off threatning, but leaving the squire master of the field.
  • These lands were especially fertile and beautiful, and Haldimand was quite willing that the grant should be made in accordance with their wishes.
  • He was also allowed the privilege of taking Brant along with him, should the chieftain be found willing to join his force.
  • Our chief was willing to pay anything in reason; but Tripolitan prices were too high, and could not be submitted to.
  • He had gathered from our conversation that Joe was going somewhere, and, wherever it was, he was willing to bear him company.
  • To him there was One who had created all things, and who was ever ready and willing to sustain His children.
  • When such women are wedded to frank, tender, protecting men, their lives are truly blessed; but they are willing slaves to the domestic tyrant.
  • Would Jesus, whom he had so long reverenced, yet never hitherto really loved, be still willing to receive him?
  • And this is specially the case when those who are known to have never been entangled in the snares of drunkenness are willing to take the pledge as an encouragement to those who have fallen.
  • When they reached sixty-eight feet and there was still no sign of moisture Wallie told Reed that he was willing to abrogate the contract.
  • No contemporary woman of education put to the test is willing to recognise any claim a man can make upon her but the claim of her freely-given devotion to him.
  • And, in addition, he had let slip through his fingers a fortune that belonged to a woman for whom he cared a great deal more than he was willing to admit.
  • Too full of himself to be willing to keep patiently plodding on like ordinary people, he had run through a good many trades without being master of any.
  • As he saw her, Wallie felt willing to renew his promise to Miss Gaskett not to fall in love with her.
  • I will continue to live under your roof if you wish it, or I am perfectly willing to go back to Wood Norton.
  • Henley exulted in talk: if he had the right audience he would talk all night; and the right audience was willing to listen so long as he talked in our chambers.

Short Example Sentence for Willing

  • He was not willing to write a falsehood.
  • I am always willing to improve.
  • He was quite willing to forget it himself.
  • A joyous, willing bark rang out.
  • He could have escaped, and I was willing to go with him.
  • Think of Mr. Moore being willing to take me back!
  • His fortitude was the more admirable because he was not willing to die.
  • It shows that the stronger are willing to fraternise with the weaker.
  • He had deserved to be thought willing to commit even such a baseness as that.
  • Round went the great sail under the swift and strong pulls of willing hands.
  • I'm perfectly willing to give you what action you've got coming to you.
  • I'm willing to kill you if I have to.
  • But she was very willing to work specially for Miss Lawrence.
  • If I didn't he was willing to charge it up to profit and loss.

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