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  • Kenny repeated his willingness to lend his wardrobe.
  • I expressed my willingness to carry the message.
  • Peter nodded with a willingness that was far from assumed.
  • She delighted Kenny with her willingness to play.
  • She delighted Madame Morny with her willingness to work.
  • His good spirits and willingness rendered him a general favourite.
  • Three, its willingness to discuss more fully plans for joint operations.
  • It produced in him a cordial willingness to do right, in one instance.
  • It seemed to her a waste of money, a willingness to be a victim of extortion.
  • Ben, then, pricked his ears and showed entire willingness to depart.
  • The willingness of the recruits, however, lessened the task considerably.

How To Use Willingness In A Sentence?

  • Thirteen of them announced their willingness to shoulder the responsibilities of office.
  • It is the willingness of the individual to sacrifice his welfare for the welfare of the group.
  • For if he did not show himself at first, that did not mean his willingness to let us ignore him.
  • The greater part of the men at once stepped forward, and announced their willingness to volunteer.
  • I remembered their willingness to let Trimmer die as a pauper in the workhouse.
  • Every colony, indeed, has expressed its willingness to follow, if we but take the lead.
  • He has three very good qualities, endurance, patience, and willingness to work.
  • The answer will depend on the sacrificial willingness of our American Christianity.
  • Then when Purvis and Sprague challenged me I confessed my willingness to put them to the test.
  • It concretely illustrates the fact that the first essential of success is the willingness to serve.
  • Love of country means more than a mere willingness to serve as a target for the enemy's guns.
  • The willingness and the ability to learn may supplement their mutual deficiencies, but differ as radically as patience and genius.
  • Having secured this opportunity to demonstrate his ability and willingness to work, recognition would come in due time.
  • So we drove along, talking together; we each assured the girl of our entire willingness to have her as a member of the family.
  • All were ready to sue for mercy and to proclaim their willingness to divert allegiance from dictator to Crown.
  • He knew nothing at all specific but evinced a candid willingness to overcome this by acquiring facts from Kenny.
  • The man declared himself possessed of superiority, and was ready uniformly to prove this claim by acts purporting to indicate willingness to die.
  • His larder might be limited, but his good nature, like his willingness and his hospitality, was boundless.
  • He declared his willingness to do so, and I went away determined to entrust to him half of my stock.
  • The ardent lover immediately declared his willingness to escort Lucy to the world's end.
  • He signifies his willingness to accept others in place of the Portuguese, provided they make no extra expense.
  • On one or two occasions he let fall remarks which indicated a willingness to be transferred to the Department of State.
  • Sometimes the whole efficiency of the treatment administered as a corrective for a moral disorder depends upon the readiness and willingness with which it is taken.
  • I am sorry you are leaving the ship, for I have noticed that you show great willingness and activity, and will make a first-rate sailor.
  • One of the most hopeful symptoms of the present government is its willingness to acknowledge mistakes when they are demonstrated and to adopt new ideas which are worth while.
  • Sometimes she had been a little ashamed of herself for the willingness with which she prepared to leave him, the eagerness with which she longed for the merry companionships and irresponsibilities of school again.
  • Then, to the surprise of all, hesitating Germany and cautious Japan showed a like willingness to enter into such agreements.
  • I saw that they were right, according to the code of the day, and I began, in spite of myself, to feel a willingness for the combat.
  • We have borne it all with the utmost willingness and resignation, so that the souls of men may be edified, and the Word of God be exalted.

Definition of Willingness

The state of being willing
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