Wills In A Sentence

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  • Court the great who wills it!
  • The wills above be done!
  • They weep and laugh as she wills them to do.
  • Their wills had clashed after their marriage.
  • God wills my drowning in this sea.
  • Their wills need to be aroused.
  • So also in wills which are good.
  • God never wills the death of the sinner.
  • Ich wills versuchen¬†...
  • In the contest, wills prevail.
  • Can outward fate control the wills of men?
  • It wills not die to leave us desolate.
  • What man wills for woman, that will he have.
  • The form and contents of wills are extremely diverse.
  • Heaven wills it, and my hour is nigh.
  • Trotz! wer wills uns wehren?
  • Over there, whatever the mind wills is done.
  • Ja, ich wills gern tun.
  • I am not ashamed of what God wills me to do.
  • So wills the Ruler of the universe.
  • Do we think that God wills it?
  • I want nothing but what He wills for me.
  • Mr. Wills looked about him in all directions.
  • Dr. Wills describes them as having a muddy taste.
  • Peoples have now their turn, and God wills it.
  • He wills less than he can, Lets his ideal scoff him!
  • Man dreams and desires; God broods and wills and quickens.
  • God wills our fate in heaven, We must his will obey.
  • If God wills that we die, we will at least die together.
  • Who is it wills King Richard free?
  • She will come back when the Heavenly Father wills it.
  • The place filled by Wills is occupied by Adoptions.
  • Mr. Wills left alone in the Desert.
  • Mr. Wills said the party had left for the Darling.
  • It is God who wills it, it is not I, little girl.

How To Use Wills In A Sentence?

  • At last, however, his force was assembled at Wills Creek.
  • For I hold what God wills above what I will.
  • For I esteem what God wills better than what I will.
  • King returns and finds Mr. Wills dead in the Gunyah.
  • Cask, The. Freeman Wills Crofts.

Definition of Wills

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of will | plural of will
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