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How To Use Wind Down In A Sentence?

  • The howling of the wind down the gorge and the hoarse roaring of the maddened waters heightened the terror of the situation.
  • It now remains to wind down the feathers with thread to give the bird the exact outline we desire, and to make the feathers lie smoothly.
  • With an effort she rose, put her hand to her forehead, and then ran like the wind down the garden and through the little door.
  • Sara had never gone before, following a path that presently began to wind down among the cliffs, giving them a blue view of the sea.
  • At last I found, behind the great screen, a narrow stone staircase which seemed to wind down into the rock.
  • Then she and Hal noticed where some of the light yellow pollen had already been blown by the wind down on the silk to help make the perfect ear of corn.
  • It is possible to wind down the face of the rock by a narrow path; but, having no mind to make the descent, we rest and admire the magnificent prospect before and below us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wind Down | Wind Down Sentence

  • When the wind down the river is fair.
  • Mercury went as fast as the wind down to the earth.
  • There came a whiff of wind down the street just as she came out.

Definition of Wind Down

(transitive) To lower by winding something. | (intransitive) To slow, as if coming to an end; to become calmer or less busy. | (intransitive, idiomatic) To relax; to get rid of stress.
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