Windmill In A Sentence

Definition of Windmill

(transitive, intransitive) To rotate with a sweeping motion. | (intransitive) Of a rotating part of a machine, to (become disengaged and) rotate freely. | A machine which translates linear motion of wind to rotational motion by means of adjustable vanes called sails.

How To Use Windmill In A Sentence?

  • She looked out into the yard and saw that the light in the windmill was still burning.
  • Three barn owls had been taken from a windmill tank in the neighborhood in about a month.
  • An iron windmill for pumping water was placed on the extreme point of the mound.
  • South of the windmill are the remains of a bunkhouse, and a barn which also served as a garage.
  • He turned and pointed far across a meadow to a windmill above tree tops on the brow of a hill.
  • But far away across the square was the windmill vendor, with his big wheel of whirring splendour.
  • Our old windmill was sold to a farmer near Lumberville when we broke camp that fall.
  • Instantly the sails filled, and the great windmill spun around like mad, whether it would or no.
  • Against a windmill would you try your might, Against a castle would a pigmy fight?
  • My brain was whirling like a windmill as I walked, trying to think of some manner of escape.
  • I then visited the trenches near the windmill and then returned to the south of Mametz Wood.
  • A gasoline, gas, or oil engine, or a windmill of 1-1/2 horsepower furnishes all the power needed.
  • A little farther S. note the fine view over Cromer and Cottered, with windmill to the left.
  • The most conspicuous object in the landscape was a windmill standing a little way to the southward on the top of the cliff.
  • Frank saw the windmill on the summit of the hill, and nothing would do but she must run up and inspect it.
  • But now the windmill has been destroyed by time and weather, and we fear that the deer again roam there unmolested and unscared.
  • To-day the great event has happened, that the windmill is again at work for the first time after its long rest.
  • Catalina was now invited to pull one of a number of gay-colored streamers that flew with the windmill as it buzzed rapidly around.
  • She picked up a shawl on the way to the kitchen, turned on the big light on the windmill and looked out the window.
  • They were of all types, from little pocket-sized affairs up to huge arrangements with windmill arms and wings.
  • The original pump had been worn out and a new one substituted, but otherwise the old windmill remained just as we had first rigged it up.
  • The windmill was lazy, like all its race, and unless an urging wind was blowing it would not work at all.
  • Sam stood it for 'arf a minute, and then 'e sat up in bed and behaved more like a windmill than a man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Windmill | Windmill Sentence

  • You can not drive a windmill with a pair of bellows?
  • It turns the windmill and makes the fire burn.
  • They came to a windmill and climbed its steep stairs.
  • For the tower of the windmill we chose four long sticks.
  • She expected to be at the Windmill by five.
  • From Windmill Hill, Hitchin, looking W.
  • It is fun to make a windmill that will whirl and whirl in the grass.
  • He soon had a windmill of his own, at the top of the house in which he lived.
  • This system is especially desirable where one uses a windmill for power.
  • Not a steeple above the branches, not a windmill on an isolated hill.
  • The windmill for grinding grain tells us a considerable village is near.
  • London: Sercombe and Jack, 16 Great Windmill Street.
  • Von Schoultz had taken possession of the windmill and the house adjoining.
  • Then you can ask, whether there remains any tradition of a windmill at Naseby?
  • A large painting of a Dutch windmill hung low on the north library wall.
  • The old windmill above the Havre Gosselin stood out plainly.
  • The hands was a-fannin' it round like a windmill in a cyclone.

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