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  • Siracusa are the wines of the island.
  • The wines of the country are excellent.
  • Must all your wines and all your meat be chose.
  • He finds even his wines spiced with cloves.
  • The wines of the district are far better than its food.
  • Some of the best wines are not put on the wine-list.
  • The menus are original, the wines are of the best.
  • The dinner was good, the wines and cigars excellent.
  • The Grecian wines are not unpalatable but very light.
  • What Massic wines tremble beneath such stars?
  • The wines of the Duchy, both red and white, are excellent.
  • The wines are San Giovese and Lambresco.
  • Abundance of meats and wines always turned her a burning pink.
  • Can you give me any information about high wines and dry wines?
  • You can get a very good dinner there, and the wines are of excellent quality.
  • Bill of fare; wines printed on the back, but nobody calls for a bottle.
  • The French wines are among the finest and most expensive in the world.
  • The wines here are good, the Moselle and Rhine wines being especially cheap.

How To Use Wines In A Sentence?

  • With regard to wines at this restaurant it is advisable to drink those of the country.
  • Private balls and other entertainments are given there, and the wines are generally good.
  • It is too far north for the culture of the vine, but the wines of all countries are in its docks.
  • It is an old-established house with a good cook, and excellent wines in its cellars.
  • Madame allured them by her pretty manners; we dined, and exquisite wines were drunk in profusion.
  • The odour of cunningly cooked dishes arose, and rare wines sparkled in glittering vessels.
  • I hated Turin and its bad feeding and bad theatres, its rough wines and its rougher inhabitants.
  • He cares far more for fine wines and beautiful women than for the Koran and the Prophet.
  • At the left of the first ascent lies the Falernian mount, whose wines are immortalized by Horace.
  • Not gold alone and jewels rare, Essence of noblest wines are there, In night and horror veiled.
  • It sets you ill, Wi' bitter, dearthfu' wines to mell, Or foreign gill.
  • Vesuvio, Capri, Gragnano, Lacrima Christa are a few of the wines grown along the bays.
  • Prices are lower than at most of the first-class restaurants, but the cuisine and wines are both safe and sound.
  • And again the most expensive delicacies and the mostly costly wines were ordered, with the most lavish extravagance.
  • I raised him up alongside of the two other casks; and my trade was more profitable and my wines in greater repute than ever.
  • There is that flavor of the real genuine grape which our California wines have that is different from the imported.
  • The dinner was to be good, the supply of wines very liberal, especially as they cost the hostess nothing.
  • The meats were cold and the wines were warm, for in front of the fire stood a row of small bottles under the gentle influence of the heat.
  • He had always been a wiry, indefatigable person, and the alarms and emotions of this night had cleared his head of its wines and drowsiness.
  • Many wines are simply called by the names (sometimes altered a little through people mispronouncing them) of the places from which they come.
  • The dinner was the best the hotel could supply, and the wines were good, the general keeping his guests well amused.
  • But all ended well, thanks to the good-humour of my father, the smiling grace of my mother, and the excellent wines and liqueurs in our cellars.

Definition of Wines

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wine | plural of wine
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