Wings In A Sentence

How To Use Wings In A Sentence?

  • His science is to make weapons and wings of these passions and retarding forces.
  • He fluttered his wings and was eager to try it for himself, but seemed afraid to plunge in.
  • The birds have a longer sight, beside the advantage by their wings of a higher observatory.
  • But the minute his father came, he began to flutter his wings and beg to be fed.
  • If necessary wings can be cut away and the central hull used as a boat with emergency sail.
  • It stretched its wings and cawed then flew right to Boyce and hopped around on his lap.
  • On lighter wings we bid you fly, Your dart will now all foes defy.
  • Why does Bryant suggest "the wings of the morning" to begin such a survey of the world?
  • They had now only to take their appointed places in the flies and wings and let the tragedy proceed.
  • This is just what happens when the bird sets his wings at such an angle to the wind that he is lifted into the sky.
  • Around and around they all go till their little wings are tired, and then they come down and alight again.
  • As they look him in his face and his shadowy wings cover them, nature recoils and would flee from him.
  • He finally began a very systematic study of the wings of birds with the result that he made some unusual and important discoveries.
  • When you have been in my company a few weeks, you will strip off the chrysalis and wonder at yourself as your wings bear you from flower to flower.
  • When all is ready this is slowly dragged along the ground, and is thrown down immediately the whirr of wings is heard.
  • But a man equipped with wings is a fairly heavy object; where is the force that is to lift him and carry him soaring into the sky?
  • She made a petulant gesture, and the red wings in her hat vibrated like the wings of a bird in flight.
  • She did not mean to burn him, only to dazzle him a little; but if his wings were slightly scorched, that was his affair.
  • Like a bird resting on a current of air with wings motionless, these little toy wings were carried along gracefully on the breeze.
  • During the watches of the night the aged woman heard the wings of Time sweeping through the silent village.
  • When completed, it is intended to consist of a central part, and two wings projecting at right angles from the extremities of the former.
  • As he did so, the bird spread its wings and flew swiftly out across the sea in the direction of Japan.
  • I remember that for a time we watched two of that larger sort of gull, whose wings are brownish-white, circle and hover against the blue.
  • A swift courier carried the message there and from there it went on the wings of the lightning to General Herron.
  • There lay the swallow, his wings pressed close to his side His little head and legs drawn in under his feathers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wings | Wings Sentence

  • The flutter of wings was round her.
  • When the wings are reft away.
  • The wings pulsed slower and slower.
  • A louder roar behind him added wings to his feet.
  • Fear froze her to the saddle; it lent wings to her horse.
  • At whose aspect the Spirit wings its flight!
  • They had wings and could fly and explore that wonderful beyond.
  • To build artificial wings was the ambition of many an old-time scientist.
  • The birds bask on the brae, and spread their wings to the warmth.
  • Anythink will do if it has 4 legs, and 2 wings made of gorze.
  • They flew around the room, beating their wings against the walls and ceiling.
  • Must lay aside its little shining halo, And leave its wings behind.
  • Birdie, rest a little longer, Till the little wings are stronger.
  • Spread your golden wings and rise, For the Lord is risen.
  • I had the wings of a dove, so I might fly far, far away and be at rest.

Definition of Wings

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wing | plural of wing | A type of scuba harness with an attached buoyancy compensation device: see wikipedia:Backplate and wing
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