Winking In A Sentence

Definition of Winking

present participle of wink | The act of someone who winks.

How To Use Winking In A Sentence?

  • Do you see those little winking flashes all along where the infantry are moving?
  • In some of the slight movements, as the winking of the eye, no bones are displaced.
  • Still beaming he winked again, still winking let himself silently out of the front door.
  • The nigger performed the same pantomime as before; winking his eye, and enlarging his cheek.
  • Owen looked at her steadily and in great awe, winking hard to keep back the tears.
  • And when the sucker gets home he goes around winking and hinting, and so the fake grows.
  • He set away, striding over the ledges, his lantern winking between his thin legs.
  • The winking lights of Mobridge slowly dropped astern and faded into the glimmering mist.
  • And indeed the Stevenyne was laughing and winking at Gilline, the girl in the brocade dress.
  • As he turned away Mitchell slyly turned up the corner of the next card, winking at Steve.
  • Two brigades of infantry were under canvas in Mud Gully, their cook fires winking like red eyes.
  • Still, upon a flower, Winking with its painted wings, Happy in the hour.
  • Before the winking of an eye, it seemed, he rose again, clasping the Empress Yelva by the hand.
  • I have often caught them nodding and winking at each other when he says something that pleases them.
  • Rick almost winked back, then he realized that the operator was winking at the barber and not at him.
  • It's the deuce of a thing to find it winking up at you from the table or the window-seat.
  • In his troubled dreams he had seen the glittering shield of the revenue men winking at him from the darkness.
  • I perceived that he was winking rapidly, as though an unmanly weakness was getting possession of him.
  • In a darker age than ours the winking of this demon-star must have seemed a prodigy of sinister import.
  • And when she had dropped both card and toy in the box at the post-office she turned away winking the drops from her eyes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Winking | Winking Sentence

  • He keeps on winking at me.
  • It was the winking eyes.
  • The winking of the faint flat-boat is not past.
  • There sat the old owl winking and blinking in a corner.
  • The winking street lamp seemed to gaze back at her...
  • Pickles, winking profoundly, told her to leave it to him.
  • Fifty-seventh day, winking (26).
  • If the winking is done quickly it adds to the interest of the game.
  • Carrie did so, winking at her mother as she arranged the tray.
  • This slowly winking eye is of the second magnitude during 2d.
  • Then he got a shock that turned him into a winking series of black streaks.
  • And aye he would be winking and smiling at the young rogues in the corner.
  • These the keeper readily buys, winking at what he knows to be dishonest.
  • She's winking at us, the old reprobate.
  • What would his cheek, his tongue, and his winking eye be to me?
  • It was a fragile appearing lacery of bridges, winking dots of light.
  • He attacked the plate again, winking his eyes and working his jaws steadily.
  • Not so loud," chuckled Hopalong, winking prodigiously.
  • I thought so," observed Miss Medea, winking at her mother.
  • Leave off your winking and your pinking, with a hose-pox t'ye.

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