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  • But there was an altogether different atmosphere in the Winnebago group, as Agony soon discovered.
  • They were completely carried away by the dramatic atmosphere of a Winnebago Council Fire.
  • Comparative Vocabulary of the Winnebago, Omaha, Ponka, and Dakota, with remarks on the same.
  • Where I crossed the Bad Axe was a the battle ground where Gen. Dodge fought the Winnebago Indians.
  • Before the summer is over they have transformed Gladys, the frivolous boarding school girl, into a genuine Winnebago.
  • In the Winnebago group, it had not been customary for the girls to announce that they were worthy to be called Torch Bearer.
  • Encircled by four pairs of Winnebago arms and with eager questions being hurled at her from all sides, it seemed as if the old times had come again indeed.
  • In a forthcoming publication Radin has given a list of the various forms of structures erected by the Winnebago, some of which existed until very recent years.
  • Their later location at the entrance of Lake Winnebago was unoccupied, at least in the time of Allouez, because of the hostility of the Sioux.
  • It is not so soft and sonorous as the Algonquin which abounds in labials, but more so than the Winnebago, which is the most harsh and guttural language in America.
  • Two brigades of the mounted volunteers, under General Dodge, pursued the Indians from this place towards Fort Winnebago.
  • And it is also evident that when the Oto, Iowa, and Missouri began their movement westward to the Mississippi and beyond the Winnebago remained behind.
  • As already mentioned, the Oto, Iowa, and Missouri appear to have been closely connected with the Winnebago, all speaking dialects understood by one another.
  • After the war he was captured, and shared Black Hawk's imprisonment, dying among the Winnebago about 1841.
  • On the way back, Nahpope stopped to see Wa-bo-kie-shiek, or White Cloud, who was half Sac and half Winnebago, and a great medicine-man or prophet.
  • From here we hired a team to take four of us to Plattville, and then an eighteen-mile walk brought me to Mineral Point, the place from which I started with my Winnebago pony in 1849.
  • The Winnebago cession of August 1, 1829 (which is partly in Wisconsin), is also wholly within the limits of the aforesaid Sac and Fox cession of 1804.
  • On the seventh of September, the prisoners were placed on board the steam boat Winnebago, and sent down to Jefferson Barracks, a few miles below St. Louis.
  • He got away, but spies were on his trail, and in a few weeks two Winnebago traitors captured him when he gave himself up at Fort Crawford, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
  • This young fellow's father, on one occasion, was endeavoring to conduct some negotiations with a band of Winnebago Indians, who were assembled in front of his cabin.
  • When first known to Europeans the Winnebago occupied the region west of Green Bay, west of Lake Michigan, where, according to the Jesuit missionaries, they had resided for many generations.
  • On the other side of the state were the Sioux, "the Iroquois of the West," as the missionaries call them, who had once claimed all the region, and whose invasions, Allouez says, rendered Lake Winnebago uninhabited.
  • Managed newspapers in Winnebago, Neb., and Makoti, N. D. Has taught school and was superintendent of schools at Goodrich, N. D., for two years.
  • He crossed the Mississippi and travelled several days to converse with the Winnebago sub-agent, who concurred with the interpreter in advising the Sacs to remove to Keokuk's settlement on the Ioway.

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  • Winnebago habitations, about 1870.
  • I have never seen it on a Winnebago.
  • He was going to the Winnebago country, for the summer.
  • Linguistic Material of the Winnebago Language.
  • Seward, Winnebago Co., 9.10.
  • Seward, Winnebago Co., 61.74.
  • Winnebago.
  • Michael St. Cyr, Fort Winnebago.
  • Winnebago City, Minn., May 31, 1901.
  • Lt.-Col. E. Cutler, Fort Winnebago.
  • He hopped and leaped like a Winnebago chief in the war-dance.
  • Typical examples of Winnebago dwellings are shown in plates 36 and 37.
  • These, with the exception of the Winnebago, were Algonquian tribes.
  • Comparative Vocabulary of the Dakota, Winnebago, Omaha, and Ponka.
  • He claimed to be part Winnebago and part
  • Winnebago Camp Fire Girls
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