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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Winnie | Winnie Sentence

  • But Winnie was not disturbed.
  • Witch Winnie giggled.
  • But not a whit cared Winnie for this.
  • Our hero looked at Winnie for an instant in hesitation.
  • I noticed that Winnie grew suddenly silent.
  • The girl stared at Winnie in open-mouthed astonishment.
  • Later, Winnie found his way to her side in the music-room.
  • But I had Susie and Winnie by the bits.
  • Mrs. De Witt died when Winnie was but three years of age.
  • Oh there's Winnie riding horseback on it.
  • All at once Winnie heard footsteps approaching the door of the parlor.
  • She was tired of the chestnuts, and Winnie fell into the ditch.
  • Gypsy ran into the house at that, and left Winnie to his meditations.
  • So the girls chatted all together, but Winnie was strangely silent.
  • Her tone was oddly constrained, but Winnie was impervious to subtleties.
  • We never had any until Witch Winnie came to room in our corner.
  • Frank was thinking of all this as he drew near the home of Winnie Lee.
  • Encountering none of the servants, Winnie conducted Badger into the parlor.
  • Oh, Winnie Breynton, do just wake up and let me look at you!
  • At this juncture I suddenly noticed that Witch Winnie had disappeared.
  • The Kansan had accompanied Winnie Lee home that evening, as usual.

How To Use Winnie In A Sentence?

  • It is not to be imagined that Winnie dropped all her wild ways and became a saint at once.
  • He felt that he would give anything to know if Winnie was in the house, or had been spirited away.
  • This was of so much interest to us all that I wondered why Winnie did not immediately report it.
  • At an ungodly hour the next morning Winnie North was summoned to the telephone.
  • Witch Winnie sat behind me, and turning, I saw that she looked pale, but resolute.
  • He knew that the Westerner would likely be away a number of hours, calling on Winnie Lee.
  • But Winnie had received quite too much encouragement; he had no thought of giving up his bargain now.
  • It was some time before Winnie could control herself and explain that the maiden-hair of which she was in search was a kind of fern.
  • Whatever they were, a fearfully unromantic and utterly indescribable howl from Winnie put an unceremonious end to them.
  • They knew better now, for Winnie had finally bribed and coaxed one of the servants to tell them the truth.
  • I feel more certain now than I did then that Winnie is not in danger of throwing herself away on you.
  • With Winnie true, and time and youth in their favor, there seemed no good reason why he should be in the dumps.
  • Witch Winnie arrived on Adelaide's birthday, and was a most unwelcome birthday present.
  • So we of the Amen Corner disliked Witch Winnie and loved each other, all but Emma Jane Anton.
  • The room and its belongings seemed swinging wildly round in a crazy dance before the eyes of Winnie Lee.
  • While all these sad things were happening Winnie and I were enjoying a happy summer at my beloved home in the blessed country.
  • The lesson proceeded, but Adelaide and Winnie both blundered; they were evidently thinking of something else.
  • He was almost ready to push open that door and confront Lee and demand an explanation of the letter forbidding him to see Winnie again.
  • Milly pitied me the enforced companionship, several of us were in tears, and in the midst of it all Witch Winnie appeared.
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