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How To Use Winning The In A Sentence?

  • What cannot a teacher do that has succeeded in winning the esteem and affection of his pupils?
  • All will improve the health and therefore increase human energies for winning the war.
  • But we were winning the war now, and these guerilla operations would not be necessary.
  • And if you ever had a chance of winning the girl, you have lost it by your imprudence.
  • If they gave you medicine and you prospered, you would be winning the battle they have lost.
  • If you succeed in winning the divinity you may be a slave, but a cherished slave.
  • Yet a few statistics eloquently disclose the part played by the convoy system in winning the war.
  • The first extra reward is naturally a stimulus toward winning the second extra reward.
  • She never knew how near her gentle manner and pleasant voice came to winning the day at once.
  • Morphy scored, thus winning the match; having only lost two games and drawn two.
  • Some vague idea of winning the war just to get even with the Boches seemed to be in his mind.
  • In course of time he became very successful in winning the Mohawks of that place to Christianity.
  • Americans, too, are winning the good will of the Indian student both in India and abroad.
  • She entered the Milan Conservatory, winning the first prize and diploma in piano playing in 1903.
  • This was her last effort, as I ran out at 6/4, winning the Championship for the second time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Winning The | Winning The Sentence

  • Brinker kept winning the scraps.
  • They succeeded in winning the affections of the savages.
  • Germany settled down to the business of winning the war.
  • He no longer spoke of winning the cross.
  • I was given a chance of winning the coveted title.
  • This simply means that the enemy is winning the war.
  • This simply means that the enemy is winning the war.
  • All about Wilson winning the transcontinental race.
  • Or, Winning the Plaudits of the Sunny South.
  • Or, Winning the Plaudits of the Sunny South.
  • Or, Winning the Plaudits of the Sunny South.
  • The happy recipient congratulated himself on winning the prize.
  • Not for the glory of winning the match and carrying the medal for a week.
  • His superior training was the great factor in his winning the match.
  • In this struggle that is the right and sure way of winning the victory.
  • The haemorrhage had stopped; youth and health were winning the battle.
  • It is a tale of the soil, of winning the land from wilderness to fruitfulness.
  • This would be a trophy worth winning, the hide and head of such a bear.
  • I don't know whether we've any chance of winning the shield.
  • But, we were winning the war, and a great many of its provisions were applied.
  • She thought she was helping the Cave-men by winning the favor of the god.
  • At the present moment you own a colt which looks like winning the Derby.
  • You've been handicapped out of winning the race, Abel.
  • H.M. Abrahams winning the long jump with a distance of 22yds.
  • Billie Bradley winning the trophy; or, Scoring against big odds.
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