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  • Collie collected his winnings indifferently.
  • The thought of his winnings and losings keeps him sleepless.
  • The calling out of the winnings in no way disturbs the singing or the playing.
  • No matter how the dice fall for us, the chief winnings are going to you.
  • I left my winnings with the Chinaman, and came back here with Jonas.
  • And what about 'im bein' robbed of his winnings just as 'e was gettin' 'ome?

How To Use Winnings In A Sentence?

  • They pocketed their winnings with grins as they pushed out among the gathering crowd.
  • Tom consented to this, and the proportions of winnings passed to the other side of the board.
  • Unfortunately after she obeyed, the winnings ceased, and there was nothing agreeable to see.
  • The winnings of Jerry Smith were carefully balanced against the losses of Ronicky Doone.
  • Later, when he had handed over his winnings to Paul Sam, Angus drove homeward with Jean.
  • So instead of taking a vacation he plunged into the market, and his winnings at first were enormous.
  • Miners had come in with their belts loaded with dust, eager to bet the entire sum of their winnings at once.
  • His one great fault in the eyes of his partners was that he hated to divvy his winnings and at times had to be coerced into sharing equally.
  • Is it not disgusting to liquidate an old debt to his tailor, and to pay interest to a usurer, with his winnings at play?
  • After the game the winnings were adjusted, and the players drew from the candlestick as many ten francs as would represent the number of counters.
  • At this news the players at the other tables would hastily leave their winnings (or losings) and crowd round us.
  • With his other winnings Chook had over fifteen pounds in his pocket, and he decided to go, although the night was young.
  • I was in an exultant mood, my winnings and my release from the great fear that had fallen upon me lifting me up, and I had no wish to soothe him.
  • He had won between two and three hundred, and these winnings had been allowed by McKeever to accumulate in little runs, here and there.
  • Her desire now must be largely to retain her winnings in Macedonia, and keep the frontier posts of a too embracing Germany as far off as possible.
  • As he kept a cool head, he usually won; and his winnings at tarok made a substantial addition to the income which he made by selling spirits and tobacco.
  • Hermann waited for the next deal, took a card and placed upon it his forty-seven thousand roubles, together with his winnings of the previous evening.
  • He poured the dice upon the table, reaching for his pile of bills and gold as if to cash in on the winnings as he set the box down, even while the dice were rolling and settling.
  • At first the larger number of games fell to Grayson, and his winnings were considerable to one who had never had more than money enough for his bare necessities.
  • Gambling is an unreliable resource excepting for certain crooks, and I am not such a fool as to run the risk of disgrace for the sake of winnings which always have their limit.

Definition of Winnings

plural of winning | winnings pl (plural only) | The spoils of a win; something, usually money, that has been won, usually by gambling.
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