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  • Reconstructed in the winter of 1909.
  • It was the winter of 1835.
  • It was during the winter of 1749.
  • But the winter of the tomb.
  • This was in the winter of 1648.
  • This was the winter of 1813-14.
  • This was during the winter of 1885-86.
  • This seems to have been in the winter of 1783-84.
  • The winter of pain and misery was past.
  • His opportunity came in the winter of 1910.
  • Such was the state of things in the winter of 1815.
  • A story of the winter of 1777-1778.
  • Then after that there came a regular winter of effort.
  • The winter of 1862-1863 was a severe one.
  • The winter of 1832 and 1833 was extremely rainy.
  • The winter of that year set in early and severely.
  • Winter of 1879, severity and hardships of.
  • The winter of 1917-18 was a very severe one.
  • The winter of their misery drew slowly to its close.
  • Up to the winter of 1873-74 they had no idea of moving.
  • The winter of 1917-18 had been full of humiliations.
  • The winter of 1851-1852 was exceedingly severe.
  • I spent the winter of '57-'58 at school.
  • The Winter of war is over, and lo!
  • Another winter of lonely work passed at the Academy.
  • This box was put up for Flickers in the winter of 1914.
  • This fall and winter of 1812 Tecumseh traveled once more.
  • In the winter of 1914-1915 the Germans knew war.
  • After a winter of Italian skies spring had come in a night.
  • And the third winter was called the Winter of the Wolf.
  • I first heard of Mr. Hempstead in the winter of 1869-70.
  • On the Nile, in the winter of the year, Diana met the Hon.
  • One finds in them the friendship and feelings of that winter of life.
  • I expect to have a winter of "crowded life.
  • Another effort will be made in the coming winter of 1893-94.

How To Use Winter Of In A Sentence?

  • The friendship of these two men dated from the winter of 1812.
  • The winter of 1831-1832 had been remarkably mild in these parts.
  • Winter of Artifice.
  • Many of these persons had subsequently died during the winter of 1622-23.
  • But the first winter of the war was innocent of all these fighting manoeuvres.
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