Wished In A Sentence

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  • I wished it were for me.
  • He wished to speak to me.
  • I often wished myself dead.
  • But she looked very much as if she wished she did.
  • What about that employment you wished to give me?
  • He wished to marry me that he might take care of me.
  • Every one was astonished, and wished to have it.
  • She wished that it had been anybody but Gershom.
  • Oh! how Ida had wished to go out that afternoon!
  • How often in the course of your hypocritical days have you wished me dead?
  • The young girl who came to the doore wished to know who we wanted to see.
  • Julia wished he were different, and then she looked at Hubert.
  • In her free-hearted way she wished to trust Frank without restriction.
  • The young lady is here, and I said you wished to come.
  • It was evident that the father of Miss Moorsom wished him to remain lost.

How To Use Wished In A Sentence?

  • He even professed a kindness for me, and wished me to remain some time with them.
  • He was a lover and an encourager of the arts, and evidently wished to be thought so.
  • I could have wished to turn them out, but had not the power to rise from my chair.
  • At the same time he wished to conduct himself honestly, even in this distressing situation.
  • Keeping a sharp lookout he soon came to a road that ran in the direction he wished to go.
  • I was sure, though, that she merely wished to remonstrate with me for not wearing the mackintosh.
  • I came at first on a visit; and when father and mother died, he said he wished to adopt me.
  • I wished to come to this house in the morning, and now I would give the world to be out of it.
  • That he wished Jackman would attack, as he would like to give him a good licking.
  • I abruptly wished Clara good-day, and immediately her visitor held out her hand to me.
  • So far as I remember, however, you wished to have nothing to do with the greater works.
  • I knew that his death alone would set me free; yet I never at any moment wished it.
  • I never wished you worse than myself; no, not when my poor baby died, and I could not weep.
  • It was therefore decided to take the first road they came to which led in the direction they wished to go.
  • Perhaps he wished if the baronet did chance to return in a fury, that he alone should bear the brunt of it.
  • Gray's voice faltered before he stopped speaking, and he did not say all he had wished to say.
  • This pleased us, and we wished that such a lair for tame wild animals could have been seen in our times.
  • Noticing that the child wished to respond, but was evidently troubled as to how to word her answer, she asked what the difficulty was.
  • He threw all pretence to the winds and ran downstairs as if the police were at his heels, as I wished they were.
  • When the eldest little boy wished to tease his playfellow, he used, childlike, to make faces at him.
  • It was known, not merely once or twice, but habitually, to ring the parlour bell whenever it wished the door to be opened.
  • She wished she knew what it was about, and from whom it came, though, on the face of it, it was not likely she would be much the wiser if she did.
  • The party at mess soon after separated, and I wished my friend good night for the last time before meeting him as a bride-groom.
  • He believed it because he ardently wished to do so; and he forgave her the more easily, because that implied having her hand in his again for a few moments.
  • I could not have moved for some moments if I had wished it; as it was, I was nearly pressed to death.

Definition of Wished

simple past tense and past participle of wish
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