Wishing In A Sentence

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  • I have been wishing for you this long time.
  • She had the air of one wishing it were poison.
  • Cannot one love a maiden, without wishing to marry her?
  • But that's past wishing for, ain't it?
  • Mock I thee in wishing weal?
  • Once, at table, Gordon was wishing that they had money.
  • Joan did not blame her for not wishing to be seen with her present companion.
  • With constant watching and wishing she at last gave up in despair.
  • The reason of his wishing to get possession of it is now perfectly plain.
  • Rollo stood looking at him for some time, wishing that he was going too.
  • But he had decided not to do so, wishing to avoid long explanations.
  • As we sat, a gentleman came in below, wishing to have his fortune told.
  • In my age I should never think of wishing to do such a thing.
  • Even with their best before us we cannot, however, help wishing for old work.
  • I was just wishing I had somebody to enjoy this with me, but not a man.
  • That was Irene's reason for wishing to become a Wilmer.
  • Don't look at me, sir, as though I were a witch wishing a good man ill.

How To Use Wishing In A Sentence?

  • He was far from wishing to keep a woman who did not care for him tied to his side.
  • Rollo sat down on the grass a minute or two, wishing that he had not touched the wheelbarrow.
  • I objected to this, not wishing to take part any longer in such a very public exhibition.
  • Women looking in show-windows, wishing that their husbands were not such poor sticks.
  • But wishing the verification of the truth, we consented to proceed in the matter as they elected.
  • Like a snail he crept up to a well, wishing to rest himself and enjoy a refreshing drink.
  • My dear friends, you all go on wishing each other a long life but which of us is really alive?
  • She took to brooding and wishing impiously for what God evidently did not intend she should have.
  • M. Montalembert has been reproached with wishing to turn brute force against socialism.
  • She looked across the water, wishing he would put the thing away and stop this absurd exhibition.
  • He had yet a long way to go, as he was making a circuit, not wishing to walk direct to the house.
  • But wishing to be humane as well as rational, I desired his death to be temporary.
  • And he wondered why she cried when he had brought her game and was wishing she would cook it for his dinner.
  • I slowed down, not wishing to pass them by, the more so that the door of the house was only a few yards distant.
  • Young people and those wishing to have an easier life for themselves, rallied and called for their nation to be more democratic and capitalistic.
  • We have only to make remarks upon a very few, not at all wishing to have it believed that we have selected either the best or the worst.
  • He had sent for me, wishing to enjoy the happiness of seeing me once more in his last moments, but my friends would not allow me to go.
  • He felt sure they were riding in the right direction, but he had a strong reason for wishing to see them rise on the horizon before another halt.
  • She must have some good reason for wishing to be first up the Khyber, and he was very sorry indeed she had slipped away.
  • They might as well accuse us of wishing men not to eat, because we object to the cultivation of corn by the State.
  • There were a thousand things to be done, and Bert found himself wishing that each day had a hundred hours instead of twenty-four.
  • We shook hands with our friends, and lay upon our oars while they passed on towards home, wishing them a pleasant voyage, and a safe return.
  • But many of us could not help wishing we were asleep with the thousands who were filling nameless graves at Danville and Salisbury.

Definition of Wishing

present participle of wish | The act of making a wish.
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