Wistfully In A Sentence

Definition of Wistfully

In a wistful manner.

How To Use Wistfully In A Sentence?

  • It was only a bite for the poor creatures, and their eyes begged wistfully for more.
  • Hope swelled wistfully within him like song in the throat of the bluebird and sap in the trees.
  • He watched the merchant out of the door, and then looked wistfully into the corn-chest.
  • Think of our finding ourselves forced into winter suits, and looking wistfully at the grate.
  • He smiled up gently at the great, deep-gray eyes looking down wistfully at him.
  • For, instead of wiping the smile from the small and wistfully earnest face, it only softened it.
  • For a moment Silvestro gazes wistfully at the mountains all around with a vacant stare.
  • Many a time, through the hot, dreadful day, her eyes turned wistfully to this place.
  • He looked wistfully at the bed, but I wheeled him about and marched him once more down the room.
  • But then, from his chair at the fire, Caleb noticed how wistfully disappointed her face was.
  • But she only looked wistfully at her aunt, and Mrs. Caxton changed the conversation.
  • The comforts of fire and shelter continually rose before his fancy as he gazed wistfully on the rocks.
  • Yet when his card was brought up to her the next morning she looked at the printed name as wistfully as if it had been his face.
  • He longed wistfully for the gay vitality of that other summer when every day had been an exquisite intaglio of laughter.
  • But as she said it she glanced down, wistfully troubled, as if she begged forgiveness of the good earth.
  • I looked up wistfully at him, among the basses, and endeavored to persuade him with my eyes to come down.
  • She sat and put up a hand to him, wistfully disconsolate, before he disappeared beyond a twist in the trail.
  • The other looked somewhat wistfully at the smooth olive-hued eggs lying there temptingly in their shallow bowl of dry leaves and grass.
  • Dolly had been wistfully scanning the familiar lines of the well-known face; there was now a secret between them, thought the girl.
  • Marie still gazed wistfully in his face, and her hands, in spite of herself, returned the warm pressure of his.
  • As she looked wistfully through, a little ragged urchin came whistling carelessly along the lane, kicking a turnip before him.
  • He does not wear evidence of great earthly possessions, though he may refer wistfully to the golden age of those long-past adventurous days.
  • Sybil lifted her head from her husband's shoulder, where it had rested so long, and looked wistfully in her husband's eyes.
  • They stared wistfully at each other, not knowing what to do next, until the Stork came forward and spoke wise words.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wistfully | Wistfully Sentence

  • The girl smiled wistfully up at her.
  • Gervase looked wistfully towards his beloved.
  • She laid her hand wistfully upon his arm.
  • Rhoda looked wistfully from the shade of the pueblo out over the desert.
  • She turns abruptly, and once more gazes wistfully down the street.
  • He led her into the black marble room and stood looking wistfully at her.
  • So he mused, wondering wistfully that she should have left him without a word.
  • Eliza obeyed, looking wistfully into the fair face of her new friend.
  • The cattle low long and loud, and look wistfully into the distance.
  • She stood in the doorway, her eyes turned wistfully towards the setting sun.
  • She stood up, agitated, still gazing wistfully into the night.
  • The old man gazed wistfully at the beautiful figure, and uttered a low sigh.
  • Again Enrica sighed, and again she gazed up wistfully at the closed facade.
  • Left alone, Sylvia looked eagerly and a little wistfully toward the dancers.
  • Dr. Kalmar wished wistfully that old Dr. Lowell had been there to observe.
  • As she took her seat by the lady's side, she looked wistfully back at Rob.

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