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  • With the witchery of its beams.
  • In witchery or despair!
  • What witchery women had!
  • There is thought and witchery of measure.
  • Doth such witchery breathe around him?
  • The witchery of the soft blue sky!
  • Where, the witchery of its scenery?
  • There was witchery in her eyes, in her voice.
  • The dear, dear witchery of song.
  • Yes, there was a funny witchery about Asia.
  • There's witchery in that glance.
  • What could stand against the witchery of the enchantress city?
  • It was the witchery of the music that called up the glorious past.
  • Was she really pretty, or was it only the witchery of her surroundings?
  • Her features combined the witchery of a houri with the strength of intellect.
  • This fine new loveliness of earth held him with its witchery and grace.
  • He suffered none to come near, and no one ever knew what witchery he used.

How To Use Witchery In A Sentence?

  • There was a marvellous witchery about the clasped hands and bent head before him.
  • His pagan soul dreaded her terrific powers of witchery even while he worshipped.
  • The strange half-lights of sunset began to play their witchery then upon the landscape.
  • Miss Rood was startled to see how the witchery of the scene possessed her companion.
  • Nothing like it, for sheer, deadly, draining, maddening, drowsing witchery of beauty.
  • Yet stand, to-day, a sacrilegious tower, Perjured by the witchery of thy face.
  • She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and the repression of her smile did not seriously affect the witchery of the dimples.
  • If they ate the fruit of her witchery it would be to their own damnation, and they would deserve what they got.
  • He was young, impressionable, and there was rare witchery about the girl which momentarily fascinated him.
  • For a few moments they silently yielded to the magic witchery of the time and place, and then she could contain herself no longer.
  • Evidently she is in part prepared for the worst, though she has hoped that the old witchery might be thrown about the young doctor.
  • She was a tot of seven with sun touched hair and great dark eyes whose witchery made her a piquant little fairy.
  • No happy improvisations or touches of the stamp of personality enter her home; one cannot trace the touches of witchery in the tying of a ribbon.
  • The witchery of your eloquence is a conquering force, that Cupid with his bow might well be proud of!
  • CLANDON (surprised into grateful politeness by the witchery of his sweet and cheerful tones).
  • I know not whether it comes from centuries of establishment as a race-symbol, or from some inherent witchery of the plant, but it certainly exists.
  • With the witchery that some girls know, she had made a very picture of herself that morning, as I have said.
  • But they were young, and in the heart of youth there is always Spring; and the witchery of a moonlight night was calling to it.
  • And, indeed, there was a kind of cheerful witchery in the tone, that made it almost impossible to refuse anything which this little voice asked.
  • The water that girdled the houses and shops of London must, if anything, have only increased their previous witchery and wonder.
  • After a while, she gave over the lesson, and they stood silent, side by side, leaning on the rail, captivated by the witchery of the tropic night.
  • And here they paused, perhaps because of the witchery of the moon, perhaps to listen to the voice of the nightingale who sang on more gloriously than ever.
  • He is constantly the recipient of ovations which demonstrate the power of his minstrelsy, and his lack of especial physical attractiveness is no bar to the witchery of his voice.

Definition of Witchery

(uncountable) Witchcraft. | (countable) An act of witchcraft. | (uncountable, figuratively) Allure, charm, magic.
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