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  • He drew her to him with almost a fierceness.
  • Harry looked at her with almost horror.
  • Sliver exclaimed it with almost religious fervor.
  • Jane looked with almost feverish anxiety.
  • Haldane entered into his tasks with almost boyish zest.
  • I looked forward to it with almost painful pleasure.
  • Storm said this with almost aggressive self-confidence.
  • These words were uttered with almost breathless agitation.
  • The words were spoken with almost volcanic force.
  • Dworn hit the ground with almost stunning force.
  • Bill swung around with almost ludicrous abruptness.
  • The command hit his brain with almost physical force.
  • The same subjects recur, with almost the same treatment.
  • Edith asked, with almost too much eagerness in her voice.
  • It was Jamie who spoke with almost a groan.
  • And again she thought of little Susie with almost envy.
  • With almost superhuman strength Denbigh struck out.
  • Mrs. Lancaster looked at her with almost a gasp.
  • Mrs. Dennistoun cried, with almost a shriek.
  • Mrs. Mandeville took the book with almost a feeling of awe.
  • Yet it is a movement that sweeps on with almost irresistible force.
  • Lily came up to her as she reached her with almost an abject motion.
  • With almost passionate earnestness he sought to be worthy of her.
  • With almost no rest they kept it up until they got into action.
  • They struck down upon the rocks with almost incredible violence.
  • The news spread through the mill with almost incredible rapidity.
  • The great issue had been reached with almost paralysing rapidity.
  • Almost anybody can put up with almost anybody for three days.
  • These school-houses are supported with almost unbounded munificence.
  • With almost a superhuman effort she continued her flight toward it.
  • This end was temporarily accomplished with almost ridiculous ease.
  • Larry came instantly to her rescue with almost imperceptible ease.
  • This same garden exists to-day with almost its former outlines.
  • They scurried across the gangway on to the quay with almost undignified haste.
  • With almost a conqueror's train he swept up to the city.
  • A clock ticked with almost an echo into the rather vast silence.
  • After her death the years passed slowly by with almost monotonous sameness.

How To Use With Almost In A Sentence?

  • With almost stilled hearts we realized that we were in the power of an earthquake.
  • She was still staring at her with almost the same expression she had worn earlier in the day.
  • But his bookshelves were filled with almost everything worth reading that had been published.
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