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How To Use With Big In A Sentence?

  • The course was laid out with big watermelons and time was kept for each hurdler.
  • It rubbed shoulders with big contracts and big financial operations of all sorts.
  • His stump of a tail drooped dejectedly as he looked at her with big reproachful eyes.
  • The factories with big scrap-heaps of rusting machinery are making the most money.
  • We would jump into the pits with big sticks and chase all the crocs into the water.
  • The reader finishes with a sense of having lived with big men and women in a big country.
  • The reader finishes with a sense of having lived with big men and women in a big country.
  • Among his visitors was a pretty young woman with big brown eyes and a gentle voice.
  • Across on the other side he could see another city with big chimneys and lots and lots of smoke.
  • Her dresses were always highly coloured, while her hats were bedecked with big feathers.
  • There were dogs with little sharp-pointed ears and dogs with big flat drooping ears.
  • There we had the large white hall with big windows, where white-clothed laborers worked.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For With Big | With Big Sentence

  • They came with big sticks.
  • And the same with big-game shooting.
  • The fields were sprinkled with big flints.
  • Her eyes filled with big tears.
  • This novel is concerned with big problems of the day.
  • Drusilla looked at her with big, indignant eyes.
  • To and fro went the women with big plates of food.
  • He sees a white face with big eyes peering at him. . .
  • A regular business is done with big, smoky Bristol.
  • I think Gray Squirrel is the only one with Big Turtle.
  • I'm better with big sums.
  • We lay down in the open grass with big intervals between companies.
  • The land in which they now found themselves was thickly covered with big trees.
  • It was sprinkled with big hearts, some blue and some yellow.
  • They are very strong with big double springs and weigh about twenty pounds.
  • After four years they are already regular trees with big crops on them.
  • It could smash them with big guns if they tried, or blow them up.
  • On top, it's all piled with big rocks.
  • All was quiet and lifeless and hopeless, with big stretches of heavy land.
  • It was half open, with big sprigs of fir tree bulging out all over.
  • Now, with big wonder eyes he stared at the strange appearing machine.
  • She was a dear child, with big soft eyes and a laughing mouth.
  • Those are pretty big names on your papers, men with big reputations.
  • She stood very straight and looked at her companion with big, grave eyes.
  • This coat is prettily braided with black, and fastened with big black buttons.
  • The speaker was a slim young man, with big bones and a big head.
  • Molly flushed a bewitching rose-colour and appealed with big, pathetic eyes.
  • My mind has been filled with big things and I had forgotten it.
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