With Blood In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For With Blood | With Blood Sentence

  • It is spotted with blood.
  • She was intoxicated with blood.
  • I was covered with blood that was not my own.
  • Is it wet with blood?
  • I was covered with blood.
  • They buy their logs with blood up there.
  • I did not know that they were saturated with blood.
  • The blade was dripping with blood.
  • You purchased your experience with blood.
  • The deck was red with blood.
  • It might have been wet with blood.
  • But then he had not stained his hands with blood.
  • The glove was stained with blood!
  • With blood his finger drips.
  • His face was covered with blood.
  • It was crumpled and spotted with blood.
  • The snow was spotted with blood.
  • Here and there a stone was streaked with blood.
  • They were all foul and stained with blood.
  • His shirt was spattered with blood.
  • The hollow was stained with blood.
  • And the leaves were strewn with blood and bones.
  • The gibbets were spotted with blood and filth.
  • They were all sopping wet with blood or mud or both.
  • The forest was soon red with blood.
  • We have seen rivers running with blood.
  • The snow was literally drenched with blood.
  • The water below ran red with blood.
  • Is this organ abundantly supplied with blood?
  • His white garment was stained with blood.
  • The interior of the car was spattered with blood.
  • The horseman was covered with blood and foam.
  • Hugh noted that his armour was covered with blood.
  • He rubbed at it and his hand was smeared with blood.
  • One of the latter had just stained his hands with blood.

How To Use With Blood In A Sentence?

  • She saw that the sleeve was caked with blood.
  • The grass of the forest had been spotted with blood.
  • His body and head were covered with blood.
  • Behold the snowy plumage splashed with blood!
  • The place literally swam with blood.
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